Path of Valor- Not Getting Credit for 10 pulls

I did a 10 pull of Atlantis a bit ago and realized that I didn’t get credit for summoning 10 heros in Path of Valor. Does a 10 pull only count as 1 Summons?

Just check you haven’t rolled over into the new tier of the “summon heroes or troops” valour challenge.

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It usually will say collect before it would roll correct? It doesn’t say that.

I just finished this one just to see what would happen. I pulled to 21 and I saw the complete button at 20 when I hit complete I saw the extra 1 being counted. I’ll wait until I can do another 10 pull to double check.

Path of Valor… I did not get credit for completing a challenge event … So it either glitches or they are not explaining criteria for collecting well enough

There haven’t been any challenge events…

You will have completed a QUEST.

The next Challenges Event is Knights of Avalon which starts next week.


Usually yes, needs the collect button and it carries on in the background.

Maybe you collected without realising?

Not sure… Haven’t seen any other complaints about summons yet.

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