Path of Valor Missing Rewards

I just WASTED 33 points on 3 Dense Fog turns and DID NOT receive credit for it in the Daily requirement in the Path of Valor. Now it is going to take 5 1/2 hours to gain back those playing points! This is not the first time I did not receive credit for something I accomplished in the Path of Valor. What a waste of time!

Probably you did wrong stage. You need 18 WE (3 hours) Be sure what stage you doing. Dense fog is for example 9-8 Atlantis

I completed a Valor challange event (Shrikewood), didn’t receive my Valor points for it’s completion.


Shrikewood is a Rare Quest. Challenge Events are once-a-month events like Fables of Grimforest, Pirates of Corelia, Guardians of Teltoc, etc. Each tier (rare, epic, legendary) counts as one challenge.


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