Path of Valor - Missing achievement


I accomplished 2/3 of the daily missions but for the last remaining mission I dint receive the points.

Do you mean Complete Quest Stage?
Right now there are 2 quest available: Find Recruit and Find Craft Item

If you already completed before the Daily challange appear, you need to wait next quest.

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You need to complete all 3 in order to get all the points. Best to wait for the next quest that comes out in a few hours and then upon completion, you will receive the reward.

All the 3 missions appeared at the same time. I finished 2/3 of them so I should have 2 points on Complete Quest Stage or not?

It does not work that way. Complete one of the quests and it will give you the reward.

There is no bug involved.

@zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @littleKAF - please close thread, user error not bug related.

Did you finish them after the Daily Challenges started, or had you already completed them yesterday?

The mission daily challange is always 3 mission at the same times.
1st mission is Complete Quest Stages, means we should complete one of any quest available after the mission daily challange appear.
So do you complete the quest before the appearance of Valor daily challange or after?

I think he thinks the 3 Quests are the Path of Valor Challenges – he completed 2 so he should have 2/3.

That’s not what Quests are – the quests are the “find recruits”, “find iron”, etc… that show up in their own special map below the Path Of Valor icon.

Complete 3 levels of one Quest to get the PoV Challenge fulfilled.


Hence me saying that it is not a bug, the player needs to go int the Quest icon and complete one of the active quests, or, if he has done them before the new POV challenge refreshed, wait for the next quest which starts soon in order to collect the rewards.

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Yeah, I just wanted to clarify because OP was not understanding what a “Quest” was :wink:

@LogBombyiu are right.
I mixed the mission with the quest.

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I missed some points for completing ‘make 3 supper mana potions’ as I made 3, but didn’t collect. I think quest should be clear. If is make should be counted then made. If collect, so counted then collected.

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