Path Of Valor Lvl 10 Gift (Iron And Food Harvester) Useless / Extend The Path Of Valor Level 10 Prize's Validity

You earn at PoV level 10 a harvester which you can only use for Season One and only for 24 hours. You also cannot combine food and iron harvester.
As you get only every 10 minutes a WE and I guess everybody try to go sleep every day, I suggest to EXTEND the validity of these harvester gifts till the whole PoV and let them please combine.

Ideally you use it the best time it suits you! If you don’t that’s your fault.
How long would you like it to last?
The F2P prob will be pissed off more if it’s more than 24 hours got to look at the bigger picture.

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I do not agree, path of valor gives you extra world energy too, i farm multiple times s1-23.9 which gives me 15k free iron now and i farm on one flask 4 times so not bad

It is almost impossible to complete the path of valor for 50 days unless you spend money for extra summons.

Has anyone tried to calculate what it takes to complete all stages of the path of valor?

Actually, after collecting all available information online for all possible daily and valor challenges I still can not make it to the required valor points to get to the last level of the path of valor.

To complete all path of valor reward level you need 46750 points.

Can anyone show me how can this be done for 50 days?

read here

and yes it is 100% possible to finish the PoV without spending a penny


Depends on how empty your iron storages are…1000 gems is most of the time much less than this shop offer would cost me. Atm my storage is almost full and I’d have to spend 245 gems :see_no_evil:

Same goes for food. 4500 gems atm for me. Not to forget all the other things that come with farming. I think I’ll use the harvester tomorrow, happy farming for recruits on 8-7.


Daily Challenges: 3 (per day) x 125 (points) x 50 (days) = 18750 points
Valor Challenges: 6 (total) x 5000 (points max) = 30000 points (not sure since defeat heroes is limited to 2400 points, so another valor challenge must compensate)

Total Possible (assuming 6x5000 or equivalent): 18750 + 30000 = 48750
Total Required (to get all rewards): 46750

This way is possible, however you have only (2000 points spare) and last 2 summons (will be hard to complete without spending) of 45 and 50 are 1100 points and 1625 points.

Without them it will be impossible to achieve the maximum reward levels no matter with or without valor pass.

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do every chest (3 a day – one raid, 2 monster), watch 2 MV, attack every titan, get at least top 75% in tourney. you will get grey tokens
do the monthly challenge event to get eth and ett

you should be getting close to 275 at a min. so worst case you only miss the last stage, but really you should get a lot more than needed

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Just realized that the harvesting items don’t work on every season but Season 1.

That’s totally ridiculous, since everybody only farms excessively during AR and S1 only to reach the chest.

Therefore the harvesters are kinda pointless.


So of these “rewards” do seem a little lax in terms of value but I’m just hoping it gets much better the higher you go and, from what I can see, it does improve but you aren’t going to get to the good stuff soon. I generally don’t have an issue getting Food (atm), Iron is what I’m lacking currently. I’m not expecting them to hand out Legendaries left and right but some better rewards overall would be nice (and yes I’ve purchased the $9.99 additional rewards option with the Path of Valor and I still don’t think its where it should be speaking on a rewards level).

I think the $9.99 would be worth it to me for the premium rewards if I can make it through Milestone 20. I still have plenty of time sitting at Milestone 16.

There’s 400 gems, 100 Atlantis Coins, 10 Challenge Event Coins, an Epic Hero Token, and Epic Troop Token, 30 Bones (for crafting harpoons), 10 Barbarian Emblems, a Raid Energy Flask, and a Field Energy Flask that really highlight the rewards to me in those first 20 Milestones.

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We can use them not during AR, I still keep until AR is finished.

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For me - all harvester for season 1 is absolutely useless.
1.Because never ever throw WE for season 1 because of AR. 2. Without flasks there is 144 daily energy which 50 runs if for 3 energy per level. And just 100k of additional food if you use all flags only on season 1 without quests.
Efficiency? Zero. Just better to wait for AR and flasks there on autobattle.


I really cannot understand your action.
When I created a bug description, it has been moved (OK, suggested to be bewly created) at “ideas and suggestions”.
When I created a SUGGESTION you moved it into a totally different area.
Do ideas and wishes not belong to the “ideas and wishes”?
This topic does not (!) belong to the “useless” topic, it is totally different, isn’t it?
Why do you move discussions? Could you not wait a week or two, before doing this? Does it consumes extra energy or twice more RAM if you (and others) LEAVE FIRST everything at the place THE OWNER inserted and LATER (maybe when the discussion stops) do the move?
My topic “extend the duration…” IS an “idea and suggestion” and not something else.
Don’t you agree, please?

More is always more…farm 3WE stages you’ll rack up those harm and everything pretty fast.


At this level, you are, the PoV lvl 10 “gift” is more useless as for anybody else.
I mean, THIS was my originally topic, you just underlined it, I think. Which means I see, you are right. The basic question but was not how much food/iron YOU get for 1000 gems.

Übrigens kriegst du (zu 1000 gems) umgerechnet etwa fünfmal mehr food/iron Sekundenschnell, gegenüber mühsame farming 24 Stunden lang mit diesem sinnlosen “Preis”.

You had two threads that were both about Iron and Food Harvester Relic suggestions, which were merged together.

Yes, and as you’ll see, it’s in this thread in #ideas-feature-requests — which is the right place for a suggested change to the game.

I’m not sure what topic you’re referring to. You created this thread yourself, so I presume you don’t think it’s useless.

Were you talking about a different thread?

The moderators endeavor to stay on top of thread organization every day — and many Forum members routinely flag posts for merging as well (as was the case with the thread you’re asking about; it was flagged by a Forum member as a duplicate).

It would be very messy to clean up threads weeks later, so we try to handle those merges promptly, typically multiple times each day.

Threads in #ideas-feature-requests and #bugs-issues are particularly commonly merged, as repeated ideas and bug reports are common, but any duplicate thread on the Forum is subject to merger.

The Forum Rules actually specify that duplicate threads will be deleted:

But the moderators typically try to merge them instead, as a courtesy.

On a related note, I’m quite relaxed about answering questions about moderator decisions, but it’s technically against Forum Rules to discuss or debate moderation decisions:

Just a heads up, as posts asking about moderator actions are typically not replied to, or sometimes removed.

A better way to ask questions about such things is to flag your own post using the “Something Else” option, which will send a private message to the moderators and Small Giant Staff, so someone can reply to you directly.

But this was certainly fine here this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, but with my storage amounts I cannot get iron or food in reasonable amounts, when the price is low, my storages are almost full and I don’t need to buy ham or iron, when the storage is almost empty, it’s much too expensive…

REALLY unnessecary was the food harvester and the changed schedule of Atlantis Rises, I’m still p*** off :frowning:

And 20 crypt mushrooms at premium milestone 23… Just what I needed :roll_eyes:

Testing the food harvester right now and the amounts of ham are ridiculously small and therefore pointless. Even S2 1-1 normal throws more food than stages of the last province of S1 with active harvester.

I’d recommend disabling it for AR, but opening it for all seasons to give those items some sense.

Best would be to double up the farm and tower output for 24 hours.

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