Path of valor items

I enjoy doing the path of valor but its the same stuff out of it how about some fine gloves or some items that I can use to upgrade my 5* heros its so frustrating having 5* heros on 70/3 and can’t do anything with them

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It offered an Orb, Trap tools, Royal Tabard and Poison Darts. All very useful, just not what you specifically need. They’ll be different next path.


Path of valor rotates through the items so far.

PoV1 = Rings & Cape for free; Scope & Hidden Blade for premium
PoV2 = Tonic & Hidden blade for free; Rings & Sturdy shield for premium
PoV3 = Sturdy Shield & Darts for free; Tonic & Orb for premium
PoV4 = Orb & Tabard for free; Darts & Trap Tools for premium


Hope this means Damascus blade next!

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Oh, no. Please, no. I need more tomes. Please make it a tome. Not the blades.


I would think if they do a blade, the tome would be in there. One would be free and the other for premium…just a guess.

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I’ll trade you. I have 13 tomes to 3 Blades!

You got yourself a deal !!! Now, if we just can do that easily… where’s the Trading/Market Place when we really need it??? :smile:


I suggested a one time extra builder with max capacity of 3. 1 from free side, maybe 2 from vip. Lots of us don’t buy vip or only need a single builder on updates because they are maxed. Be a cool addition.

Slated for June of 2023

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Do you mean year 3023? :thinking:

Yes. Pardon my dyslexia.

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They can chuck all the Mysterious Tonics at me if they want…I could go for about 48 of 'em.

You and me both. My worry is it will be like rare titan and skip the tomes and blades. We should find out soon. That will be upsetting.

If it’s any consolation, the Path of Valor in Puzzle Combat just featured a “Memory Stick” which is the equivalent of a Tome of Tactics or Damascus Blade.

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That means, assuming I pay for premium, I should get 3 in the next two- four months (considering rare events too).

Noor is happy.

Same, I need tomes badly. I have 1, and it’s a race for what comes next: a Dart or Tonic, which decides if I do Kingston first or Malosi or Vivica

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POV 5 has tab and tele… so no tomes or blades!!! That…is bad news

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after a quick look , it seem to me that, now, it’s no worth the $10.
Barely any gemx, or coins. Loot tickets and other stuff of lesser value?
Correction: same gems, but lower quality items(ex: harpoons vs previous higher lodge items), the recruits thingy way up to level 47 instead of lower 40’s i believe etc.
I may be mistaken but i use the rough gems value and I’m coming short of what i estimated before.

Maybe just that. A quick look. I maybe mistaken, but it appears that the premium loots are the same in the previous POVs, except of course the 3* and 4* ascension materials (that changes regularly) and the non-availability of the Atlantis Coins since the previous POV.

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