Path of Valor in 13 Days is too soon

Dear E&P Community and Developers.

I love the challenge of PoV and think it is a really great idea.

We had months to save summon tokens to get ahead but 13 days is really putting the f2p players out on a limb, forcing them to feel they need to summon to complete and could force them to stop playing. Those that spend will spend no matter what, the f2p players will only get 50 free summons during it and depending on luck they will get some in wanted missions, it takes 275 tokens to complete.

Other considerations:

  1. The titan part of PoV forced a lot of players to become Mercs to try and complete it early. I would love to see it tied to alliances so it builds team cohesion to complete.
  2. Daily challenges could be tiered with 3 levels to give f2p players a better chance at completing.


SoO (aka Wu)


I’m thinking it’s a bit premature for this thread as we have no idea what PoV 2 will entail. :confounded:.


SG did post that there were going to be tweaks to the Path of Valor. Note that free players didn’t have to complete summons in this last version. The beta testers have said that were other valor challenges tested than those we have seen, so maybe it’s going to be a very different experience (conceivably there might not even be a “summons” category). I am C2P and already have 64 summons saved up for the next PoV, and in 13 days, it’s liable to be more like 90-100…


Absolutely agree, love the event but it is way too soon.
I am pretty sure the Path of Valor II will be very much the same, like 90% same tasks.
In beta there was a task to ascend your heroes, that could be added.


Leaving the alliance should cost 375 valor points.

Big challenges should be payed out partly at the end.

There could be one real additional challenge every say 10 days.

Dailies could have different values matching their difficulties.


Good morning guys (for me)!
I am very happy about PoV and I believe it will continue for a long time.I would like some microalgae that would be more salable and having new and more exciting challenges!
Even so I like it!!

No, it is not too soon.
20 f2p chatacters


Well, ~10 days break was announced with a first path. You saved your silver tokens. But didn’t even think of second path and now saying that “it’s too soon!”. No, it is not. It is just as planned and said. More than that, 275 summons are not required, only 225. And that’s pretty doable by f2p player as proved by @yelnats_24 here


F2P :sob:


Not saying every FTP player made it. But if you had completed everything but summons (and finished summons IX, but I think there were enough free summons for that — if not, then I agree, there were too many summons required) you should have made it with points to spare. Of course, some people have real lives and can’t play every day, but PoV is not really intended for occasional players.


Taken from the challenge thread

Unless maths has changed.
5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40+45+50 = 275

Tier 10 of summons is NOT required to complete POV, given you do all the daily challenges.


S/he is saying that you can skip Tier X and still make it to Reward 50


Yeah there was no reason to do that, waste of resources as a free player. I’m a former heavy spender but now free (yearly pass is still going) and use my tokens sparingly. I completed it the next to last day so I guess I wasted 2 tokens but I wanted it done. Stopped after Summon IX. Have 310 tokens total to summon from and will just keep them for future path’s of valor in case I need to complete last step because of missing something else. Resource management is key as a free player.


You could not finish the final summon quest and still make it to level 50.

I disagree it is too soon and am looking forward to it.

It is not supposed to be easy otherwise there is no sense of achievement. So long as it is possible to achieve f2p then i see no issue with it requiring daily play and completing all daily challenges.

Just like anything in life you need to invest time to become good. Do you think [insert successful sportsperson/musician] became good without daily practice and effort?


Dear SG, what i like the most in POV is the Duck Hunting. Pls add Dragon hunting too…


I completed path of valour and I wouldn’t mind a longer break but better rewards.
I want to look forward to pov starting rather than it being a status quo. I feel if we had less pov in the year they can make the rewards better. I’m not complaining about the current rewards but it’s always nice to have more :stuck_out_tongue:

PLEASE NO! I hate those ducks :rofl:


No, 13 days is way too long.

Bottom line is, whatever you choose, there will always be people who support either this or that. Threads like this one can only end one way - guys from both sides arguing why their point of view is better. In the end, SG does what they wanted to do anyways.


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