Path of Valor III opens Monday June 1

How? This will have no effect at all on tourney stats

I guess it depends on your time zone if it opens on Sunday or Monday. It is now Tuesday, 8:45 (GMT). PoV starts in 5 days, 23 hours, so next Monday, 8:00 (GMT). It lasts 50 days, so you’ll have that one day of the last tournament available.

If it had started on Sunday, it would have ended on Sunday, giving one less day for tournament hits. But it’s actually starting on Monday, so I am an idiot. Sorry.

That’s very likely not going to be a concern at this point in time.

Yes, It have a frequency to open on 1st Monday of every 2 months.
Valor I opened on 3 Feb 2020
Valor II opened on 6 Apr 2020
Valor III opening on 1 Jun 2020
Valor IV will open on 3 Aug 2020
and So on…


Good to know. Thanks for the info.

Too frequent, they’re really enjoying the extra milk cart. Ive removed my bankimg details from tje playsotte, i’ll no longer be gambling my money away on this or otjer aspects of the game :slight_smile:

Does anyone have the layout for valor 3 yet? Like a guide to the 6 valor challenges, pts possible vs pts needed to complete, etc.

I don’t think the points distribution has been determined yet. I think the six Valor Challenges are the only things we do know.

Is this what you are looking for?

As it turns out, we don’t know those either. They won’t be the ones currently in Beta.

@GuyKyzier was specifically wondering how many points each Valor Challenge stage would be worth.

I’m guessing Summoning, Raiding, Kill Titans, and Gain Experience challenges will be structured as they were in Path of Valor II.

I suspect the Leveling Heroes and Complete Daily Challenges valor challenges will have more tiers than Alliance Wars and Raid Tournaments did in PoV II.

I thought those were officially released.

It’s obviously greedy devs trying to shake more money from my pockets. Take your cold hard logic and proven facts someplace else :wink:

This is one purchase where there isn’t a gamble…you know what you’re getting. Still, the greed is apparent as there are “offers” all the time now in this game. It used to be you’d see the offers once a month when the monthly event came along and then the seasonal ones. Now, it’s literally almost every day. Sometime I open the app and have to close 5 pop-up offers! It’s getting a little too much to be honest.

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No, in fact we got official confirmation that they won’t be in the third Path of Valor:


I hate and tired from duck hunting everyday. :triumph:

Do we know how many Titan levels there are?

It’s given in the POVIII log

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I would say the same as last time. Virtually unchanged.

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