Path of Valor III opens Monday June 1

Is this supposed to be for Path of Valor III? It says “II” at the top?..


Path of Valor II is the one that has just closed, Path of Valor III opens soon.

I’m assuming it still says POV II because you still have time to collect your rewards and because the 3red one hasn’t started yet.


Probably this. I was expecting another 10-days or so break between PoVs, but this break appears to be shorter.

Of course, PoV always starts on a Sunday, but still…

I was just wondering about that, isn’t it suppose to be a 10 day break between?

Yeah it was 10 days in between but I guess with they decided to shorten it for some reason

Gonna have some overlap with Valhalla probably.

for some reason? to collect Money again….


There is approximately 10 day break between PoVs. Since they always start on Monday, the break is either 7 or 14 days.

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The countdown clock in the game suggests otherwise.


It starts on first Monday of every other month.

It just happens that June’s first Monday is also the 1st day of June, which is why the pause is so short.


Starting on Sunday makes the tournament task (if present) slightly more difficult, as you don’t have the 5 hits from Monday.

How? This will have no effect at all on tourney stats

I guess it depends on your time zone if it opens on Sunday or Monday. It is now Tuesday, 8:45 (GMT). PoV starts in 5 days, 23 hours, so next Monday, 8:00 (GMT). It lasts 50 days, so you’ll have that one day of the last tournament available.

If it had started on Sunday, it would have ended on Sunday, giving one less day for tournament hits. But it’s actually starting on Monday, so I am an idiot. Sorry.

That’s very likely not going to be a concern at this point in time.

Yes, It have a frequency to open on 1st Monday of every 2 months.
Valor I opened on 3 Feb 2020
Valor II opened on 6 Apr 2020
Valor III opening on 1 Jun 2020
Valor IV will open on 3 Aug 2020
and So on…


Good to know. Thanks for the info.

Too frequent, they’re really enjoying the extra milk cart. Ive removed my bankimg details from tje playsotte, i’ll no longer be gambling my money away on this or otjer aspects of the game :slight_smile:

Does anyone have the layout for valor 3 yet? Like a guide to the 6 valor challenges, pts possible vs pts needed to complete, etc.

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