Path Of Valor extension

What are the odds they extend the POV…I didnt finish the challenge quests…

1.3% for a CHANCE at extension.


Unless there was a server wide reason for people to miss out on something, you have a better chance of pulling a HotM every month you play on single EHT’s than getting an extension.

The Corona virus has affected alot of people

You can’t blame being made to stay at home for missing out on PoV, especially with challenge events which finished up before most people were on any sort of quarantine.

Blaming covid-19 to try and extend pov, or trying to use it as an excuse to get free stuff out of SG (like the other thread did), is a pretty horrible way to try and benefit from others misery.


I just think people using the covid-19 is now an excuse to try get the extension.
50 days was enough, no extension needed.

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Its extremely tight as it is. I missed about 5 daily challenges and I wont be finishing because of that

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5 days of daily challenges can be missed. I finished with 9 days to go.

The picture below shows where I was at with 12 days left, needing only 3 days of daily challenges.

@WhenWeCollide is right, you can skip up to 16 dailies, assuming you’ve completed every single big mission. Otherwise, you can only miss the last stage of tourneys OR summons, but not both (and either [of those] allow for a few missed dailies, too)

Honestly tho, figured the challenge one would be the most difficult [out of those] to finish. It expect people to have a good chunk of 3* and 4* maxed to do so, especially with reflected colors, and complete every single tier during both events. For anyone who isn’t already super active, or established, – seems like a huge ask.


I missed exactly one challenge and will therefore not complete the POV. I missed the final legendary stage of the first challenge during the POV — busy weekend with guests — my fault, but I am going to miss the final ascension materials.

I think I am agreeing with @Blafengarf and @RandaPandah that while many completed it with a week to spare, a misstep can result in forfeiting the final reward.

I don’t expect an extension (certainly not a free one) but the naive part of me was hoping for a high-point daily challenge on the final day. Alas…

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Tho i have exact same problem (missing one stage of challenge event), i highly doubt there will be any extension.

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Agreed, extension will more than likely be a no-go, as there’s a schedule to keep:

50 Days on, 10 days off, then another 50 days on for the next PoV

So unless they decide to delay the next PoV, I’d say an extension is highly unlikely


Would be considerate to at least give an offer for those just shy of completion… not too difficult to implement

Why? 50 days is 50 days, we were all told this at the beginning and well enough beforehand. Nothing was hidden from us and there was no deceit.


Why is it so hard to grasp CHALLENGES. They are hard to complete and many people will not get everything. You still get something, proportional to the progress you made.


I completed all the challenges except for last tier of summons…

It was the daily’s that got me (not to mention my bloody phone breaking… argh)

I would have rather they made the challenges harder with more points to allow for semi-active players like me to make up for a busy schedule

Or just buy an offer for a few hundred point to get level 50

I think variation of difficulty + points for the dailies.
Maybe they could do 3 difficulties per day:
Easy, Medium, Hard

Easy would be for example hunt ducks.
Medium could be use XX amount of battle items
Hard could be craft a Dragon Bomb or complete 4x Season 2 missions

Very doubtful it will happen.
I completed today didn’t think I would was two short on tournament.
Didn’t make any of the super potions as I don’t use them and had some in storage form loot over the time.
I expect I wasn’t going to complete it wasn’t going to spend gems on complete it if did happen could of in tournament.
Try better next time sure summons could be a issue but had over 100 tokens before and still have over a 100 now.
Not everything in this game can be bought!


Don’t you mean
Easy - craft dragon bombs
Hard - duck hunt?

I mean the duck hunts were the hardest “challenges” by far for new. Crafting requires only 4-5 taps compare to the duck hunts which requires many taps and waiting for 2 flocks of ducks to appear

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no i don’t personally, I think duck is easiest as it requires no resources at all, just yourself.

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