Path of valor exp bug

I do not know which of the main quests that caused the bug but I believe it is that of the titan.
When I clicked on receive the experience, I noticed that my bar didn’t move but I told myself that surely I had the same amount of experience as the other level.
Here are the photos sorry if it’s in French but the numbers are the same in English

If the picture isnt that great , I can take another one

What exactly are we looking at here? I see two games where one is 1350 points behind the other, which corresponds exactly to three missed days of daily quests.


I’ve had this happen a few times before. When you leave the Path of Valor window and go back, is the XP in the bar? I just had to reload that page to see it.

I have the exact same quest than my step brother but I’m 1 level behind.
and that bug is from like 2 week ago I think

I’m lvl 47
and He is lvl 48

same bug with the titan’s v quest. I’v just finished the last one, but stuck on 8/9. can’t get my precious valor prizes cus of it.

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