Path of Valor Daily isn't Tracking

Did all three daily and only 2 registered. Seems there are multiple cliches this time.

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The first one was for one daily challenge.

The second level is for three daily challenges.

See the II by the heading of it? Threw me for a sec too. :woman_shrugging:


Per above; have a look at the rest of the title of the “Complete Daily Challenges” Valor Challenge.

The II indicates (in roman numerals) that you’re in the second tier.

Complete Daily Challenges I = 1/1
Complete Daily Challenges II = 2/3

1+2=3 = no bug.

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Omg @Guvnor!! This might be my first “solution” lol. Thanks :slight_smile:


Isn’t there some way to take one “completion” away from from them, and say “Yup, that’s too bad.”?

So confusing. So it takes 3 days to complete one set of 3 daily challenges? Day one all 3 falls completed = 1/3 second day of doing all 3 should be 2/3 and completion of the 3rd day would get bonus? Or if I’m understanding correctly it’s every 2 daily gets you 1?

The challenge will continue to increase until you’ve “grayed out” that topic.

1 challenge.
3 challenges.

And so on…

Here’s a picture from last POV.

I don’t recall the different increments but I’m sure it’s posted somewhere.

Found it. Hope this helps!!

POV 4 link


OK who are you and what have you done with our beloved Off Topic Offender? :rofl::joy:

Oops… Now look whose off topic :dizzy_face:. Back to normal viewing :innocent:

Edit : @DragonSpyer you are not alone in thinking this was an issue. There were many, many more :dizzy_face:


This was pretty off topic, no? :thinking::rofl:



Ah, the heady rush of a solution seems to have overwhelmed the senses. :rofl:


Thx :shushing_face:. Boy i need a vacation. My deepest face palm ever… Well it is Monday…


No worries! Just glad we got it all figured out :slight_smile: like I said, i scratched my head at it for a minute as well. Happens.

Happy gaming!

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I’m facing the same problem here i finished all my tournament battles for today and my path of Valor didn’t count any of them

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Notice that you are in Tournament Battles II. You completed first tier with 5 battles today.


Ok i see :+1:thx for your help :rose:


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