Path of Valor - Daily Challenges - Item Crafting

Can Path of Valor item crafting Daily Challenges be changed to more generic terms. Crafting potent healing potions is a waste for late game players. If the challenge were “Craft 5 healing potions of any quality” I could craft the super healing potions that would… well, they’re crap too, but at least more useful for me.

Iv never used one, Iv never made one have 151 in my stock so not gonna make any today.

That’s kinda my point. They have us making items that are useless. Open it up a bit.

It does make it different then other materials you and I normally make, is a case of do or don’t?

Right. And most of my lower level mats will never be turned in to anything because of the resource squeeze in the game. But, a little flexibility would be nice. It’s dumb that after 3 years of playing the game, I have to now make potent healing potions.

Yeah the pov could be better like do 3 poison mist or other stages during atlantis. It’s done by design. Plus the people who can’t make them lose out its how it is.

Very rarely used…

Looks like opportunities for Alkashards!

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