[Path of Valor] Costume Quest Stages Missions showing incorrect timer


@PlayForFun @Petri
Guess this is a small bug that needs fixing? End of PoV coincides with extra missions.


Nevermind. The timer has been reset.

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Well. It‘s not a solution. Not at all. The timer was reset, but I did the quest already… So it‘s impossible to get the points…


I’ve removed the ‘solution’ check…


Now for me even the Challenge is not visible at all.

Have you completed it?

I have not even started to do it :slight_smile:

I have passed this topic to Staff.

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Oh, I didn’t even check for it! I was too busy getting my precious keys! Now I’ve already completed most of it.

It’s not incorrect timer. It just showed time till end for older and renewed timer for new Pov. Some players completed the challenge towards the older PoV.

Maybe SG needs to push this quest +1 hour to avoid this double standard :slight_smile: Thus making it available only for PoV that’s starting.

Now the POV Challenge became visible for me.

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I’ve completed before the new POV started (counted to previous POV) and now shows again. Fortunately I didn’t complete the event.

Think it’s because of an issue with the timer displaying an incorrect time.

They reset it but it most likely created confusion.

:warning: Mod edit: Translation to English

I finished the Costume Challenges, but in Path of the Brave, the objective of completing 3 phases of the Costume Challenge continues to indicate that I only complete 2 of the 3.
So I can’t collect the points.

Original text

Terminei os Desafio dos Trajes, mas no Caminho dos Bravos, o objetivo de concluir 3 fases objectivo do desafio dos Trajes continua a indicar que conclui apenas 2 dos 3.
Assim não consigo recolher os pontos.

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I assume that this is the same issue as has been previously mentioned about the timer mismatch…


Ive completed it and it is not giving me any of the 2nd mission its showing zero bosses killed

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Anyone know if they are looking into this?

I have posted it to mod chat, but I have not got back any answer from them.


I’ve completed the quest and only showing 1 stage complete on mission 1/2.

I would like to add, that I wouldn‘t have done the quest (for sure!), if the timer wasn‘t incorrect (it showed clearly only one hour left). I hope they have a solution and grant the points for Players like me. :+1:

I did the costume event within the first hour, and decided to wait cashing in the POV-points till the new opening, but it reset my earnings when POV re-opened.
I hope you’ll look in to that, since i know other players are in the same situation.

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