Path of valor change - Replace Harversters with something more useful

Please remove all of the iron, food, recruits, and omniaharvester from path of valor they are BAD give us something good!

The harversters specifically yeah, they’re kinda useless. The increased drops from season 1 maps is not really that much better and doesn’t compare to Atlantis Rises.

Maybe that’s what they intended though.


100% agree with this. The harvesters are useless for season one. They are just building up in my inventory.
It would be far better to give more chests of food or iron rather than waste time an effort using the harvesters


I used one of the iron harversters a while back, but it was mostly when I was grinding 23-9 for exp.

But it was at the same time as that one database outtage we had a while back. So I lost the last 3h of grinding in the morning for it :frowning: Haven’t used one since

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I feel that Harvesters need a rework, to add a real value to them. Maybe as i use the harvesters only when filling my chest in 8-7 i cant see the difference. In Atlantis with all the farming and flasks used you really notice the increased loot.

Id love SG add something to fill the empty spaces from no vip POV. Maybe add some more crafting materials? Adventure kits?

And i miss Atlantis coins and costume keys. I think those consumables should be there in POV.


I agree with most of this. The food and iron that you can save for later is super helpful IMO.

How about some reset tokens SGG :smirk:


This! Especially with the Trials no longer giving them

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Back packs would be great

I’m not sure if the harvesters need to be replaced. Just allow us to transform them in the alchemy lab. I would gladly melt mine down for 4* ascension items. Since harvesters are 5* items, I’m loosing a full star there, so it’s a really fair deal. :smirk:


Omnia and recruit harvesters are useful. The food & iron increase even if you use it for a full 24 hours is pretty pathetic. I believe someone calculated it to be a ~100k bump which is like an hour of farms and mines or less.

They should just quadruple the food and iron from the harvesters. Double is just way too insignificant.


I’d really love more food/iron crates, or 100 backpacks? More loot tickets are always nice. Reset emblems as mentioned above. Epic hero summons, instead of Omni harvester a single super epic troop token that guaranteed a 4* troop would be great.


I agree.

And Iron bundles AND food bundles AND recruit bundles instead of Omni harvesters

Beta rumors

Rumor says harvesters worked in Season 2, and Atlantis Rising, but Devs nerfed then.

No clue why they did not just remove it like the Backpack relic.


Instead of a harvester just giving 50% of each level farmed add a constant hourly amount, get 10 recruits every hour the harvester is active. Or an instant 50 recruits when you first active.

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