Path of Valor: Challenge Event query

I have tried looking for this specific problem among other threads, but can’t seem to find an answer, and i hope there might be some help with this thread.

Is there any scenario in which you could have completed all 3 tiers of Avalon in Feb, but not been given credit on the PoV progress?

  1. It’s not for me, it’s for a friend who also plays the game but is not on the forum (yet)
  2. She is level 50ish and regularly completes events, and we often compare scores
  3. It’s almost inconceivable that she did not finish all 3 avalon event levels in Feb. I say ‘almost’ because i can’t independently confirm that and there is no screenshot available.

At this stage though… she is on 1/2 on PoV for events, which means she won’t be able to complete that part of PoV.

  • is it possible that if you completed all 3 levels of Avalon without collecting 1/1 along the way, that you could have somehow missed the first Challenge Event collection point in PoV?
  • is there any way, now, of confirming whether all 3 tiers of Avalon were completed in Feb?

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :slight_smile:

Progress as at today:

Nope, only way that it would have happened is if the Challenge Tiers were not completed… even if you completed the last stage (15) after the timer wound down, you would still be given credit (tied to the loot collection)


by us on the forum, no.
best option is to #contact-support


Thanks for your prompt input Guvnor! always appreciated.


The Challenge Event in POV consists of 3 phases. The first one is Complete a Challenge Event I, followed by Complete a Challenge Event II and the last one is Complete a Challenge Event IIII. Event I only requires a player to finish any of the three tiers in the Challenge Event last Avalon (Rare, Epic or Legendary) while the Event II requires a player to finish two of the remaining tiers in Avalon. Event III requires to finish all 3 tiers in the Challenge Event but since Avalon was already accomplished for your Event I and Event II, this Event III can only be completed this month’s Pirates Event. In the case at hand, I see that your friend is only at 1/2 for the Events II, which means he/she must have missed finishing one of the 3 tiers last Avalon. If not, his/her only recourse is to file a support ticket, attaching screenshots of all finished tiers in the Avalon Event. I wish him/her good luck on that.


Thanks Ultra! It’s puzzling because it’s all but certain that all 3 avalon events were completed. Anyway… will contact support to see what can be done. Thanks for your time.

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She can go back through her recent activity and get screenshots of the completion rewards for all 3 tiers of Avalon. If she has all 3 of those, send them with the support ticket.

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Thanks NPNKY. I’m not sure that you can go that far back in “Recent Activity”, though, can you?

Probably not but support should have that information I guess. Really strange

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I don’t know. I think you can, but I haven’t tried. The furthest I’ve gone back is a week or two

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So, during path of valor, we only get two challenge tiers, avalon and the pirates who are running. If you were not able to complete one, you cannot get max points in part of valor (say 3150 points on last stage), correct? Or will there another callange in the last 10 days?

Unfortunately, the next one is already in April.

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Ty for the reply, so this means f.e. lets say you were not able to finish legendary on avalon but you can on the pirates, you are thus missing one to complete and collect those 3150 points, correct?!

Unfortunately, the 4* mats are out of reach. Hopefully next time the points are better spread out.

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Cant you go back in time through options in the game? You can find in the menu… just saying, not tried yet

Right, you can say that again… lot of people in the alliance iare dissappointed. Ty for the information

Iam not getting credit for challenges in valor yet I completed all 3 tiers.

First off, welcome to the forum @Diamondpink!

Next, we are finding that some of the six main challenges can progress to the next level without you needing to collect the points. You still get them, but you didn’t have to hit the button.

Can you post screenshots of your challenge window? At this point we have table that tells us how many points you should have based on your progress.

I am currently here looking for just this problem. I always finish events. I took a ss of receiving the rewards. I would be done if it wasn’t for this. Ty for posting so I know I’m not alone.

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@Nonya_Biness, the challenge events are the ones like Pirates that we finished a week or so ago, and Avalon before that. If you don’t complete rare, epic, and legendary in both challenge events you cannot complete this specific challenge in PoV.

It is often helpful to the players and volunteer mods if you include screenshots of your issue. If it ends up looking like there really is a problem we’ll have to direct you to filing a support ticket since we are all players and game corrections have to go through the devs and staff.

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Ticket in ty! I dont have ss for the previous event but when I saw that it didnt complete the POV for me I took ss of the last one showing tier completion rewards recieved.