Path of Valor challenge clashes with events - Map stages Vs Atlantis

Dear SG We players are in full Atlantis and you in the daily tests of the trail put 6 stages of season 1 and three difficult stages of the third season? It’s an absolutely absurd thing to play like this you’re putting a strain on our pasience


And any other time they will have Atlantis stages on the POV. There is a reason they are called daily challenges. It is not suppose to be a cake walk all the time, or do we not like challenges?


It doesn’t seem like a challenge to me, it seems like a mockery if you do it on days when there’s Atlantis


It’s obvious they did this to waste people’s WE and make them use 1 more flask than they usually would…not sure the point of that, no one is going to be more tempted to buy their flask offer because of this.


Nice logic. While some see it as a contemptuous annoyance, others see it as a challenge. As I do. Now the challenge is, which do you prioritize? The daily challenge or the AR farming. I will do both.


It’s just a pre-set daily challenge landing at an inopportune time.

You can choose to think this is malicious attempt to sell a WE flask or choose to believe it’s just a coincidence.

I’m a glass half full kinda guy so I’ll go with coincidence


If it was just one I could believe it was a coincidence, but two? I wouldn’t put it past SG to have done it on purpose. Anyway, it’s not as though it matters, as you can miss 36 dailies and still complete the corresponding Valor challenge, so you can use that 36 WE on AR in peace.:slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any calculation to how many dailies we can miss and still get level 48 ? I’m assuming 2 won’t be a big hit but have honestly no idea

114 challenges to complete, so 2,28 per day. To complete daily challenges you can skip 36 total.

so I guess it’s only limited by #points on PoV.

2 won’t be but 2 every other day will.

I don’t think that kind of mission can even be considered as challenge at all.

It is certainly frustrating (I have too many WE flasks anyway compared with loot tickets, so not complaining too much), but I think your explanation is probably right. It may even be randomized.

Yes, i do believe it is a coincidence. I do not believe it was intentionally planned like this.

I do also believe that this coincidence is a mockery to players and a waste of resources.

Lastly i believe they should fix that ■■■■. They should be able to see what kind of challenges will pop the next day and adjust accordingly.

I find NOTHING challenging in doing stages i have already completed.

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Yeah but Atlantis doesn’t last forever and I hope we won’t see another 2 tomorrow lol

Ahhhh…I was just logging on to gripe about this. :grin: I guess now is as good of a time as any to use WE flasks.

To me, this is an annoyance. I have the time, ample world energy flags, and flask refills (if needed).

More importantly, I recognize that not everyone is like me.

“It’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back” comes to mind. How many more "straws"before we break?


Atlantis is up and there are 2 daily tasks for other seasons: original one and Valhalla

This is rude …


The strain on our patience is the point.

How much can you endure?

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Come on, can’t you save some flasks for situations like this?

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Come on guys, honestly?

In around 80%, the PoV gives you additional loot for things you are generelly doing all day every day.
Now, there are two small daily challenges that are out of the norm and will cost you additional 36 WE ( 1 flask or 6 hours to wait ) and you are starting to create an ocean of tears?


They did it previous AR too. It’s planned. Money grab, pure & simple.


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