Path of valor bug issue

requires to complete 3 special stages in jontunheim region. I chose the winged stages and it did not complete my path of valor challenge.


The winged stages are not the special stages, look at the levels with the realm bonus emblem on, these are the special stages they are referring to, the challenge itself shows the icon they are referring to.


Hope this helps.


Jotunheim starts in area 8 but the first special stage is 11-2.


Similar issue, not getting credit. Multiple people reporting in my alli (myself included). Around roughly 0700 MST we were unable to get credit for POV Jot Soecial stage after playing 3-11-2 and 3-11-4.

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Needs to have this symbol:

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Here’s something I tell some of my customers I deal with…
If at first it doesn’t work, log out of Google and back in again to sync your game.
If that doesn’t work then please restart your phone.

I had no issues playing S3, Prov 11 St 2, it credited my points immediately.

Some basic first line troubleshooting should resolve the issue.
If this does not help to solve the issue, please log a ticket on your in-game support.


yes thought this was a bug myself. But Ill give that a try.


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I had no problems at all with that challenge, counted all of my attempts.

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Apologies, could not figure out how to update previous post, but 3-11-4 is not a special stage…we were not getting credit for 3-11-2, which does have the special stage emblem. Note, players have reported getting credit for 3-11-3.

Guess we will restart game and try again. Ticket logged for 3-11-2 credit issue.

I played them but it doesn’t register

“Winged” stages are stages with elite enemies.

Special stages are those with realm bonus symbols.

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It’s not a bug but it’s hella confusing. Devs should hire a better translation team, or at least add the icon of Jotunheim to the quest.

It can’t be that hard to implement.

Edit. I just saw the icon smh.

I miscomorehended the game. Solution was found thank you

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