Path of valor bug complete challenge event 3

If you complete the challenge event by completing legendary first you cannot claim the path of valor level 3.

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You completed 3 tiers ( rare, epic, legendary) and completed tier 1 & 2 of the challenge

No one can complete any of challenge tier 3 until next challenge event


This will be as fun as the cursing in my alliance about Costumes.


I completed rare and epic, and only got credit for one tier…what do I do? There seems to be no way to directly contact support. :frowning:

Do you have a screenshot of your Valor Challenge progress?

Completion of Rare and Epic should leave you with this (1/2 on Complete A Challenge Event II):

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Oh wow. Ok. Reading comprehension is a great skill to have. Thanks. Sorry about that!


This event is long gone, what’s the challenge event 3 now?

Pirates of Corellia is next month.

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