Path of Valor - attack in war II [SOLVED]

I searched and found nothing on this in the bugs.sorry if a repeat mods.

Path of Valor

Attack in War II

I have just used 6 flags in alliance war and still need 12 of 12 to complete challenge.



You had one war with 6 flags for the first tier. What you see is the second one.

My husband says, the bug might be that the points didn’t have to be claimed manually, what might lead to this confusion with war and tournament challenges.

Its nut a bug
poV is 50 days long challenge, u just finished 1 war in it which is 6 attacks
You still need to play another 2 full wars to finish this tier

It reads to attack 12 times in alliance war. Even if it is only counting each war as on attack and not flags, shouldn’t it still show 1/12?


You already completed Attack in War I, that was to attack 6 times.
Everyone has only completed 1 war.
Your 6 attacks from the first POV do not carry over to the second.

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No, this was up before our alliance war. The previous level had been completed.

Technically impossible. We had one war with 6 flags after POV started, only the first tier could have been completed now and that’s how it is.

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@MaralynManson, see how it’s got the II next to the name?

That indicates it’s the second tier in the Valor challenges… Each valley challenge has more than one Tier to it. successive tiers require more items to complete it but also give more Valor points for completion.

The first tier of the alliance war Valor challenge requires 6 attacks. This would have been completed in the most recent Alliance war.

The second tier of alliance war valour challenge requires 12 attacks to complete. This is the tier shown in your picture.


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