Path of Valor 3 - Miscellaneous Bugs / Issues Thread (No bugs so far)

I have used 5 flags in the tournamemt and no credit in POV.

I used my first tournament flag the moment it was available because I was in a hurry to finish raid chest. It did not count towards PoV (enemies, raids, tourney battles). It’s not a big deal because I’ll get all of those eventually but it seems that PoV must have went live a few seconds later so the first flag didn’t register.
If necessary I can provide screenshots but I don’t think this is reversible. SG just needs to test more.

I too haven’t received credit on raid tournament completion !!

Hello,i reach reward EPIC TROOPS TOKEN,but didn’t receive it.

This means your first 5 counted for the Tournament I challenge: defeat 5 heroes.

If you all look at your Path of Valor screen you will see that you are in Raid Tournament II (TWO)

Your first 5 tournament flags counted (AND COMPLETED) Tier 1 of the Raid Tournament Challenge…

@Gafus, can you check your Recent Activity log (in game go to Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity); then scroll till you get to the relevant time period. If nothing is there you should #contact-support (click hash-tag for instructions).


To confirm, you paid/bought the Path of Valor? It’s only on the paid side.

So levling Myztero and it doesn’t count, isn’t a bug?

Check your activity log to see the heroes you have sequencially leveled up, then it can easily be determined if it’s a bug or not.

FYI The daily task was to level 5 Different heros. So levelling Myztero twice, would only be counted once.

So, yes, it was not a bug.

I paid for Valor 2,not for Valor 3,but isn’t for 1 month activated or only for the event ?

The Valour Pass is only relevant for that PoV event. So, yes you would need to pay for the new pass to gain PoV3 extra rewards.

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It is a bug since it didn’t count once. I did 5 heroes. And Myztero didn’t count, I tried Myztero once more with the same result. Then I tried Clarissa and she worked.


Sorry I must have misunderstood…

I thought you said you had tried it twice - as in levelled up Myztero twice? Levelling up 5 different heros should have worked. :thinking:. Sorry idk :woman_shrugging:.

That is ok, could be that I didn’t explained it well since English is my second language.

Did not receive reward in path of valor for level 33.

33 is premium reward only. Have you bought the Valor pass?

Additionally, if you have please check your recent activity log in game: Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity

If you’re sure you still are wronged feel free to #contact-support (click that hashtag for instructions).

I have completed the 2400 and 300 enemies challenge about 6-10 days ago and they still haven’t restarted and I payed 10£ to unlock the rewards. This puts me off and it took my chance of completing other challenges instead of those 2 and now I might not get all 50 rewards.

There IS no challenge beyond Tier V for “Defeat Enemies”

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