Path of Daggers - Healthy Online Community

8 Spots Open

Path of Daggers is an Open Alliance full of amazing people from around the globe. we are are an accepting group that works to balance five values:

  • Communication
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Fun

Most members are currently ranging from Gold through low Diamond, and are actively involved in Wars and Titans. We do have an 800 cups minimum to join. We expect:

  1. If you opt into Alliance Wars, you use at least 3 flags, and preferably all 6.
  2. If you fail to use at least 3 flags, you opt yourself out of the next war, and advise members that’s you’ve opted out so you aren’t booted before matchmaking starts.
  3. If you don’t communicate you’ve opted out, you’ll be booted - we hope you come back and only opt into war if you’re going to participate.

We expect you to hit the titan. We are currently taking down 7* titans and some 8* titans when all members are hitting hard.

If you like to talk about life, post song lyrics, being silly, having fun and semi-frequent raunchy humour ( yes, I spell it the British way - get used to it ) then I’d suggest you consider joining us and seeing if you enjoy our company. We have a tendency to make good friends, and hope you might be the next one.


Bump - We have a rare 8* Unicorn active right now -17 hours left. 8 spots open.

Come for the loot, stay for the people :grin:

Updates - We’ve started killing 8* titans with some regularity and recently took down an alliance best 9* rare Rooster Dragon ( flasks and Mercs playing a significant role).

7 spots open - would you like to join us?

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