Patch notes?


Have you stopped with patch notes? Or where can we find it.


I agree it’s a bit frustrating to see the same “This update includes various bug fixes and smaller improvements” 3rd time without any info. Every little change\ bug fixes\ smaller improvements should be recorded in patch notes.


Update hasn’t even shown up on my device yet. patience is not strong with me.


I have the update available. (Android user)


This is what I see:

(yes, yes, I know I need to update!) :grin:


LIke i said patience not strong with me. All good now. :smirk:


Peanutz, my update didn’t show till I swiped down to refresh the apps. Have you tried that?


Yeah it showed up. 15 minutes ago. Thank you @Rook


Still, i would like to see proper patchnotes


Thanks for the feedback, this is one of our smaller updates (with some bug fixes and improvements under the hood) before a bigger one (v1.10) which will go soon into beta.


Even with a small update, it will be nice to see/know what have been done.


Ok, I understand that those are small changes but we would like to know what has happened and what to expect from patch.


@Petri - I’d thought a ways back you guys said there was going to be more clarity around release notes and it would list out exactly what bugs got fixed and what the improvements were. I can’t think of a good reason not to have this, at least to stem the “OMG devs changed thing X and now it’s broken” rants.


Yes, we are considering it but due to our limited resources (we are a small team here), we cannot promise detailed build notes on all smaller fixes at the moment. However, all player facing improvements and balance changes will be listed.

However, we do hear you and the feedback has been noted. :slight_smile:


Just a question about this maj : I noticed this morning, after finishing my raid-quest, a different size of chest for the next quest.
It seems bigger than the classic monster chest.
So, have I never noticed this, or is it an improvement of the maj?
(in the case of course where this announces an elemental quest).


thats one of “smaller improvements” which was never mentioned in patch notes :slight_smile:


That means you have a rare chest coming! It was made after 1.9.7 I think.


Were these viper snakes protesting or something? I could not read what their signs said. Maybe Ssssss?


Whatever, it was hysssssterical. :grin:


The goblin was there without a sign. Maybe they all said “I’m with Sssssstupid!”