Past HotMs - special offers

Hello SG team :wink:

Plese give us the same chance to get past HotMs as a bonus draw as it was possible at the times when they were first introduced.

Or introduce some special offers including one past HotM every month as of the new year.

They already did it since you can pull them on Atlantis summons

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Unfortunately, no, Yuzuki. What they did is much less probability to get them among so many other heroes. Let’s talk about, for example, Musashi. The day he was first introduced, he was as a bonus draw in the Season 1 Summon Gate. People playing at that particular time had much higher probability to get him and it’s not fair at all.

By special offers I mean some paid offers with one past HotM guaranteed in a particular month.

Or at least add those past HotMs to Elemental Summon, this would be perfect to try to summon them there as a bonus draw :wink:

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I totally agree with you, but they would loose those who spend a lot to get them on Atlantis summons … Business is business :frowning: Satisfying all players won’t make profits … :frowning:

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Well, there are more and more players unsatisfied and unwilling to spend money. I would say, they would earn more money if they offered something like this.

Or if they added them to Elemental Summon Gate, they wouldn’t lose these people :slight_smile:

I would rather like to see them in TC20–or future higher stages of the training camp–than to have a minute chance to summon them. Take the “old” Atlantis heroes for instance (Tarlak, Misandra, hammerhead shark): 0.2 % chance to get one out of those three, in other words, one out of 500 draws. To get one specific hero, say Tarlak, the chance is one out of 1500 (50x30 summons, 420.000 gems on average - imagine being unlucky :laughing:)

If they were available in TC20 or TC21+ after a certain cool-down period–maybe 1 year after their original release–as well as in the summons as featured heroes, also patient F2P/C2P have a realstic chance to get at least a few of them.

Where are you getting these statistics?

I have been in many alliances and Facebook groups and it’s all the same, more and more people are unsatisfied. The problem is that all is about money. Instead of offering us something decent, they just nerf everything. Even elemental chests are horrible. They are rare, so we should get the corresponding loot. Last time I got just boots and a sccabard from a purple chest. They can’t be serious…

I dunno. The people that I know who spend a lot for this game regularly are blessed with the wherewithal and ambivalence to the outcome of that spending.

The vocal people I’ve seen who are upset, particularly on this forum, consist of people who do not understand the concept of probability or Gacha, and have tried one or two really big purchases and been very unfortunate.

“more and more players” Well, let’s just pull back a second to the 10,000 foot view. Lots of downloads, lots of players, some of those people are going to be very happy, some of those people are going to be very angry, but the vast majority are going to remain content enough to play the game for as long as it amuses them.

There’s only two answers to “where did you get these stats?”.
1- “I saw SG’s books listing their income.”
2-“I made it up.”
Did you see SG’s books?

It’s clear that their income must be all right if those players spent a lot of money, isn’t it, EmptyDee?

Maybe I was in bad alliances, but the people were angry. You probably haven’t been in many alliances nor groups, Dee. I didn’t make it up.

@Jura, I believe they have something like 500K unique logins daily. I suspect the amount of people you see upset is statistically insignificant. The squeaky wheels will complain but by and large the masses are probably okay/happy with the system.

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I’m 100% against getting a guaranteed anything in a purchased pack. The whole premise of the game is it’s random. I’d rather see a 1.3% chance of getting a HOTM from TC20 or maybe offering 1.3% chance of old HOTM in one of the summon gates. This would create too large of a gap between free and pay players.


I think pulling an old HOTM in elemental summons could be fun. At a lower percent chance than their original chance. The first time I noticed the “Featuring ____” aspect of the elemental summons cycled, I got kind of bored. But it would be neat of the featured hero in the elemental summon was new each time.

Yes, past HotMs at Elemental Summon Gate as a bonus draw would be the solution. They would change regularly depending a colour. But can we expect something like that? Not sure :frowning:

Personally, this would make me summon heroes multiple times from Elemental Gate and also spend some more money from time to time.

I would doubt it as they use the past HOTMs to add value to the Atlantis portal. I suspect that for the most part they hold the most value of their product line.

Yes, but I only wanted the developers to give us the same chance to get them as people had when those heroes were introduced.

I started to play several months ago and it wasn’t possible for me to summon the first introduced HotM. I simply learned about the game later :frowning: It would be fair if players like me could summon it at Elemental Gate with the same probability as people had back then :wink:

As for the game itself, I still like it a lot and I don’t have any problems to support it in any way. I just want it to be fair for all by giving us the same opportunity.

I believe the old HOTMs are .6% chance but I get your point :slight_smile:

Past hotm as a bonus draw? Would that replace the current hotm? Or if the perfect is lower, would it reduce the new hotm? I mean I doubt SG would just give you extra chances of a 5*.
Don’t get me wrong, I would love extra chances since my average spent on this game is about $5 a month, but SG not giving anything away for free.

No, that wouldn’t replace them. The past HotMs just could be in the Elemental gate separately or they could be there along with the current ones but with much higher probability of getting them.

In these cases, they aren’t free. But, frankly, if you’ve been playing, say, one year, one free hero shouldn’t be a problem. In this case you’re a loyal player.