Past HotMs at the Elemental Summon Gate with colour rotation

Hello, @Staff_SGG, @EmpiresPuzzles, @SG-Leader, @Petri :hugs:

Would it be possible to add 1-4 past HotMs as featured Heroes at the Elemental Summon Gate with the colour rotation and slightly better odds to summon them?

For example, first week could look like this: 1-4 blue HotMs and 1-4 green HotMs after 3 days. Next week: 1-4 yellow HotMs and 1-4 purple HotMs after 3 days. When the same colours appeared again, then 1-4 different blue HotMs and 1-4 different green HotM would be featured.

Here’s Horghall as featured Hero in this photo. Next time there will be a different green Hero. It would be perfect to see a past HotM as featured there :blush:

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