Past HoTM in the elemental summon gate

I understand that the developers have helped the community out by adding older HoTM to the Atlantis summon gate, but I actually think it’s hurting them more than helping.

There are so many threads here bashing the Atlantis summon because of the odds for pulling desirable heroes or people not wasting their time/money on the gate in general because the older HoTM that were chosen are subpar in their eyes. The Atlantis summon gate is appealing, not because of the season 2 heroes, but because of the old HoTM which seems kinda backwards in my opinion. The Atlantis summon gate should be appealing because the new heroes are appealing, but that is hard to do when they are put side by side next to Athena or Hel. So how can we fix this? Remove the older HoTM from the Atlantis summon gate and put them in the elemental summon gate.

I know some people will argue against this, but from a marketing standpoint it makes more sense for this game’s longevity because after the Atlantis season 2 arc is over… what then? If the switch is made before then and the focus of the Atlantis summon gate is shifted towards the season 2 heroes, I think that would make a lot of people happy. So, if the old HoTM are removed and the only 5* available are both from seasons one and two, the odds of pulling a season two 5* hero (regardless of when it was released) should be higher than pulling a season one 5* hero.

At the rate the developers are churning out new 5* heroes, there is no reason why the first and second edition of HoTM shouldn’t be permanently available in the elemental summon gate. If you all agree with this logic, give this topic an upvote.

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