Past Hotm From TC20

I just either want to prove the rumor or squash it. What will be funniest is seeing none of the players respond that have started the rumor in the first place by telling others they pulled old hotm from tc20. Cause honestly i find it super hard to believe. I doubt devs respond either though. A rumor like this goin around makes it seem like they actually improve the game in any way for f2p.

I’ve never seen anybody make the claim they pulled any HOTM from TC20, I’ve seen it suggested to the devs that it would be a nice feature though. I wish they would add that. And trading.

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Unfortunately I’ve heard the claims and have seen screenshots of others making such claims but have yet to see anyone actually showing a hero they pulled or anything like that. As i said i call bs unless someone comes forward with proof.

I love Reding your posts @Rigs :wink: :smile:

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I seriously doubt that this is more than a rumour… or perhaps, somebody’s idea of a ‘joke’.


If it were true there would probably be a lot more people cheering their good fortune on the forum.

So… Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s lies. It’s probably Lies.

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I’m not just tryin to spread crap btw lol. Just wanna make that clear. This is an honest post. I want to see if anyone will respond and say they’ve pulled a tc20 hotm.

And yes i think it’s all just rumors and false claims. But if we don’t get a definitive answer one way or the other then the rumor will continue.

For reference, this is one such report of a HotM being pulled from TC20:

No direct proof is offered, but at the same time a lack of proof isn’t surprising since I’m not sure a lot of people would normally have their screen recorder going when checking TC20 output.

I’m leaning toward “not true” on this one.


Either not true, or a result of some peculiar bug; this is something completely different, but due to some technical issue I never received Bane as my first 3*, I got Renfeld instead (which is nothing to boast about). Bugs are not unheard of in this game.

People get confused how and whereabouts they got something. For example, recently someone complained to me that they got no 5* heroes ftom TC20 and claimed that 5* heroes only came from TC13. As this was a clear nonsense I asked which hero they got from TC13 and the answer was Lianna and some others. So, this shows that people make up things as they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. Was there any logical explanation how that person got Aeron? Was it recently in S2?


It is not possible to receive any Heroes of the Months from any of the Training Camp trainings. Every Elemental, Seasonal, Epic Hero, Atlantis and Event Summon has a chance for a free extra summon of the Hero of the Month (plus past HOTMs are featured in the monthly Atlantis Summon).


Thanks for your response petri. Would be a nice boost for f2p players if that changes though. Spenders will spend for quicker results either way. But the way the game is going, the f2p 5* won’t be enough to hack it in the future. Just my 2 cents.

Have a good day.


Thanks for clarfiyng :slight_smile:

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I’m just surprised i got a response lol. 1st time ever devs have responded to me publicly as far as a question/concern goes. Glad they did though as i was tired of being asked by new players if they can get past hotm from tc20 and when I’d say no their response “but so and so said they did blah blah blah” lol

And I’m sure the original poster on the referenced thread has a girlfriend in Canada that he’s done all kinds of adult things with but no one has ever met her or heard of her and he has no pictures of her. But trust him, she totally exists. And she’s totally hot too.

Oh man it sounds like I’m bein 2 timed

I love those guys.
Maybe we once have some Special Mythbusters heroes.
Special skills:
Jamie Hyneman TNT Tragedy: BANG! You are dead!
Adam Savage Dynamite Desaster: BOOM! You are dead!


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Now that we’ve gotten the answer, I think we can close this thread down.


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