Passive luck talent

now sg provide Us talent grid, nice. we can up atk, def, and more, combat skill only.

my suggestion is…can we dream about various PVE talents like :

  • Harvest : +x% to drop rare craft items during regular mapzone fights
  • Apprentice : +x% to gain +x% of XP during regular mapzone fights
  • Cupid : +x% to gain +x% of iron and food during regular mapzone fights

everyone is farming …everyone need items…!

Interesting but what about a stendardo (big flag) of prosperity that increase in-land production and out-land harvesting? Once, you get and put on the top of the castle, everything would be increased.

How to make this “prosperity stendardo” work?

  1. in-land the time is compressed, everything goes faster than usual in such a way flags, food, army, iron, construction and timer go faster
  2. out-land the mana collection ratio increases AND defensive heroes could play their ability as soon as the mana fulfill the bar without waiting for their turn.

These two modification, even in a slight percentage like 10÷25% would make a big difference. Obviously, this would be the most powerful and rare Great Stendardo or Prosperity.

Other kind of Stendardo, more common could be:

  • The Great Stendardo of Farming (food)
  • The Stendardo or Farming (food, less powerful)
  • The same for the iron with “Forgery” as name
  • The same for the barracks with “Training”
  • The same for flags with “Glory”
  • The same for mana with “Power”

The Great Stendardo of Prosperity put together the advantages of all the others Great Stendardo and the Stendardo of Prosperity, those of others Stendardo.

interesting idea, making farming more fun could be a great thing, espcially when you’re playing since one year…!

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