Passive Hero Abilities -

I’ve noticed that a lot of the HoTMs have come with certain passive abilities. It would be interesting to see heroes whose usefulness wasn’t determined by their “special” skill, so much as their passive ability. It cannot be resisted, dispelled, or altered. My thinking is similar to an “Aura” or constant change that slightly alters things, instead of a “massive nuke with elemental link”
Passive abilities that could change gameplay without tipping the scales.
-(Mind Link)Any mana gained by character is instead transferred to a nearby ally.
-(Stealth)Hero cannot be targeted by direct damage specials if other heroes are alive, does not take damage from counter attack abilities
-(Valkyrie)Hero has 10% chance to absorb damage that would otherwise kill another ally
-(Herbalist)Increases all healing by 10%
-(Necromancer)When allies die, resurrected as minions with 20% stats from dying char
-(Charm)10% chance for enemy to attack it’s own allies.

These types of passive abilities could be added to the game, instead of dreaming up some sort of special ability that procc’s via mana and tile gain. The passive ability would never have to “level up” The special of that character could be less appealing than their passive abilities, making them a much more ‘support’ hero than we’ve seen thus far.