⚖ Passive Balance Discussion: Disable Minion Abilities

Yes, i agree. It is number of minions, and not the minion’s own skill. So Acro is not affected.


Just tested Arco on opposite side with my 4/33 Xiaotu.

Minion damage ability was blocked but the minions of Freya & Arco combined to give boosted health to the allies as per Arco’s hero card = boosted health is not affected.

Will post that video on my channel & link below.


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Should be only zero damage from Arco minions. He should heal as he is supposed to.

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20 characters of this


For those wondering, Pengi will also fire as many extra shots as minions on his side. Lunar passive negates minions actions and effects, but they’re still there for minion count and as meat shields.

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You clearly ain’t reading my comments & writing things just for the heck :rofl::rofl: = waste of time !

I am amazed at the effort to twist things & plain falsehood …

Suggest you to re-read & most of your allegations will fall off :wink:

Find solutions instead of asking for nerfs is my play style !

Finally, how is that playing at the top going !?

My concern with this is the trickle down effect. Minions added to my old worn-out heroes, either through talents or costumes or whatever, has given them a little more breathing room. Now I can see this new passive showing up in a new costume or three that is much easier to get than these two. That will knock me back a step again.

Getting harder and harder to find working synergies in this game.


The passive is indeed strong. However I hate Waterpipe more because of his ridiculously OP minions. If by releasing these Lunar heroes make WP disappear, I will gladly take it. I’m sick of re-roll every time I found WP on defense.

Yes, it could be better if they just “nerf” WP (and M&M) instead of nerfing all minion summoners, just like they nerfing all Morlovia’s just to soften 2 of them (my poor Victor was at least playable when the buff stealing was 100%)

But yeah, the odd to get these Lunar heroes is low (although can be pulled by EHT), and the Lunar heroes are easier to handle than AoE Monsters out there. So those who will get angry are actually those who have OP annoying summoners. I feel sorry for those who owns “normal” summoners, since I have the same frustration when they nerf my Victor, but believe me, your lost is nothing compared to the whales who lost the most because now their expensive toy is just worthless.


Lol, please try to understand why the community is asking for a nerf but i guess its a little too hard for you with the lacked of understanding game mechanics.

You kept repeating finding other solutions blah blah blah.

Nobody is talking about fighting these lunar heroes as they are easy to take down.

But i think you have trouble comprehending others as all you are keen is to reply in a disrespectful way, belittling the rest with your dumb opinions.

Btw, the top play is definitely better than yours as i’m not raging over war like you when you can’t even win matches over ■■■■ poor tanks. How’s the 2700 cups going? :clown_face:

Why am i engaging in this conversation to someone who suck in this game when they can’t even take down pipes as its literally a 4 v 5 when they brought these lunar heroes? :rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob: keep up with your rage.

I REPEAT: NO ONE IS CONCERN ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM. Seems like you are the one who doesn’t get it :rofl:

That is 100% on them, and they have nobody but themselves to blame for this. They’ve played the game long enough to know what SG’s modus operandi is, particularly when they release OP heroes. And yet if after all these cycles of nerfing a hero into the ground they still decide to chase OP heroes, well a fool and his money…


Sometimes, reading the forum, I just want to…

But alright, then, I guess this discussion is bound to get players all worked up so, no matter your point of view, I´ll settle for…


Yeah people get too worked up when everybody is right and everybody else is wrong.


I don’t think you can view this passive just by itself.

As with everything, “it depends.”

It depends on what hero has the passive.
It depends on how easily those heroes can be obtained.
It depends on what else those heroes do.
It depends on how strong heroes with minions are.

Given that some of these minion heroes are rather OP (Liu Bu, Waterpipe) and may not have any counter until now (Waterpipe) , that Lunar heroes are really hard to obtain, and that Lunar specials are quit lame (i.e. without the passive, these heroes suck), I don’t really see the problem.

If Lunar heroes are on defense, that’s a big bonus for attackers. Simply don’t bring minions, and the Lunar heroes’ special sucks, so you have a leg up.

If Lunar heroes are used on offense, then the defender took a gamble. If you put an OP defensive hero like Liu Bei or Waterpipe and have super strong defense, you also risk that someone may have a Lunar hero to counter it. Almost nobody except the biggest whales will have 6 Lunar heroes, so if your war defense has a minion hero, you won’t see much impact outside of maybe 1 of the attacks.

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