Passing on the epic offer, I think

Come back with an actual argument that’s better then calling me a liar and saying “fake news”. If you don’t have one, then stop arguing.


I can’t agree more.
In last event … I couldn’t beat #2 in Legend.
I used to be F2Pplayer but now C2P cause I found my self after months since July 2017 with out any 5☆ heroes!
Need to buy vip just for the daily gems.
To be able to pull in Hallowen, Its my last chance giving to this game. If my RNG still sucks then I will just quit.

you dont need 5* to complete events or do well in any part of this game in my opinion. The first time I cracked the top 100 i had no 5*. When i was topping the ranks in my alliance in cups and titans and completing every event tier and quest, i had no 5*. Focus on making the best of what you have, the stuff you want will come eventually. Don’t let RNG be the reason you quit, if you don’t like the RNG in summons then don’t roll the dice unless you can do it for free


I am here for long time, long enough to know tgat my x2 TC20 are working aginest me! I am Not even close to friends who half my time in EP.
This is just not feels good.
I want to have new heroes in my roster. Imagin having x3 Boril maxed cause you don’t have choices … in over a year!
And tell me that you can beat an event with green/yellow or Blue reflection when you don’t have the correct heroes!
I know you are F2P … but I think if your not a Vetren player here before me, then your RNG is way better than me.

lol I’m not f2p. But i was in the beginning and I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Are you using gems for elemental summons? Have you completed all the atlantis provinces on normal?

my E&P anniversary was last month in case you were wondering how long I’ve played

What exactly is your argument?

That this game isn’t pay2win

I mean that’s a bit ironic since you’re a perfect example of pay2win, how many hours a day do you spend on the game?

His argument is that F2P players can indeed compete with P2W players under certain circumstances. (Those circumstances being that the F2P players who want to attempt to do so must save up their resources over a long period of time to take a crack at it.)

He provided multiple examples of exactly that happening, and you rejected them for no good reason. I hope he doesn’t give you any further responses, because you don’t deserve them.


Where’s the proof

20 characters

The player who beat me the last Fabled Epic did so with Li Xiu, Chao, Wu Kong. There were players in the top 10 with Grimm, Kiril, Sonya. What’s your excuse for these players?

Andrei, a known F2P player won Epic in Pirates. What’s your excuse for that?

And what about Rare events? What’s your excuse for every single player in Rare events?

I mean, are you looking for screen shots?


Yes that’s what I’m looking for

That is not what I said. Not even close. Read and see what this argument is about.

OK, got it. You want screen shots of something that happened months ago, which nobody in their right minds would ever have taken screen shots of in the first place, let alone saved until now. Perfectly reasonable.

And what about Rare events? What’s your excuse for every single player in Rare events?


LOL. Bud, you poor bastard. Did you ever in a million years think your post would garner this kind of insanity?

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Sorry, no screen shots. Either take my word for it, or don’t. Upto you. These are all known things by anyone who pays attention to the top 10 in events.

And if you knew even the slightest things about competing in events you would know it’s very possible. I have videos showing that. But I have absolutely 0 incentive to share them with you.

I love how you are skirting any talk of rare events

I’m done with this conversation as it’s quite clear you have no more arguments except mindlessly asking for proof that ofcourse I don’t have.


Not but it’s pretty funny

@Denys is just ticked because he wants to win without putting in the time and practice to improve his skills. It’s less effort to complain than to learn. Sour grapes


@Rook @Kerridoc can we close this thread? original topic ran it’s course a long time ago. has just become bickering, trolling, etc


I want something for nothing. I don’t get why I’m not as good as someone who spends on the game…

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Well spotted.

When in doubt, read Forum Rules. Until then…

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