Passing on the epic offer, I think


I have been buying this offer in the past, but now I already hav 21 orbs and 13 darts. So, if price covers the gems and the mats are not needed, are the three hero tokens enough inducement to buy again?

The hero tokens can be used to summons calendsr-event heroes. OTH, the calendar offers should offer gems at the same price with other inducements.

Is there any reason to spend now other than just saying its only money and buying both?


In my offer the gold tokens are troop tokens, not hero tokens. If you feel you don’t need the materials, I’d say pass.


This offer is good value, but I’ll never tell someone to spend money where they don’t want to. I bought the offer because I plan on doing exactly 90 Atlantis pulls every month, and this offer provides gems at their fair price (100 gems = $1 US) plus a free 4* mat. I don’t really care about the tokens since I have at least one copy of every 4* troop, though the experience is nice.


Tokens value goes up a bit since pretty sure they can be used in halloween summons


Well, damoops. They are troop tokens.

Pass is confirmed. Thx


Passing as well, it seems they’re replacing what used to be hero tokens with troop tokens too - which I have no interest in.


wish they would make the same offer for each element, let us choose which one to purchase, and only limit us to buying 1 at a time when the offer arises.

like if it would show Holy but if you swipe left or right it would let you choose a different element. For veteran players it would be much more appealing in my opinion.

I’m getting to a point where i spend less and less as i max more and more heros, still have to spend to max my troops but once those are done then it’ll be like “now what?” lol


its not about the mats, its about the gems. If you spend money for Gems, then this offer is great. You get the best value for Gems, everything else is a bonus.


True enough, but by not buying the gems now, I believe I will see equivalent offers in calendar.

Trying to be cheaper-to-play.


in summer calendar similar offer had 2800 gems shield, gloves and damask blade + 2 epic hero tokens and 3 epic troop tokens. it appeared twice, the second time tome of tatics, traptools and compass and same tokens


Yes. This mirrors the rare quests. This means a p2p advantage.


are you telling us why people buy the offer or why SG makes the offer? I was speaking from a consumer point of view, personable purchase packages are what a lot of consumer goods are going to.

Why should SG be any different? I know plenty of players that only buy gems when mats they need are offered with them. If they could regularly once a month buy mats they need, then this would give more guaranteed purchases in SG’s favor, and less hit n miss offers for consumers.

The reason a business sells a product, and the reason a consumer buys a product can be 2 totally different things. Think both parties would be more interested in discussing the consumer reasons than the business reasons. Happier consumers = more money, win/win.

Not saying make the game where you can buy an unlimited amount of mats whenever you want, but a monthly guaranteed consumer’s choice mat purchase wouldnt change the game balance that much I believe


Both. My point was if you buy gems, then not buying this offer makes no sense. If people pass on this offer, but go and buy the $20, $30 or even $100 deal from the Shop, then that isn’t very smart.

Regarding feasibility of personalized offers, sure I would love that. How that would affect the balance of the game is a different question. There are many f2p players out there who do not buy these offers regardless of mats. If SG personalizes mats to people, then the game doesn’t just favor p2p, it becomes 100% p2p. If I had personalized offers from SG I would be able to field a team of all maxed 5*s for every hit in wars, and I wouldn’t be the only one capable of that. I wouldn’t call that balanced.

Regarding this being financially beneficial, yes perhaps in the short term. But definitely not long term. These offers are useful because SG starves every single player in the game out of at least 2-3 needed mats. If players get every mat they need, the incentive to buy these offers lessens.

SG has been doing these offers for over a year now and I’m pretty sure they would have made changes had these offers not been raking in money for them.


:thinking::thinking: valid points, so do events favor p2w or do f2p players have fair chances at the top ranks for mats in those as well? i know off topic but bringing up game favoring p2p vs f2p does bring up that thought.

I mean if f2p players have 12 or 13 rounds of full flags to use in a 3 day period and p2p players have as many chances as they want to buy to hit the desired ranks then still seems like game is leaned a little more towards p2p if you compare the mats f2p players get vs p2p players…

so are you saying only a hand full of players should be able to consistently get the mats they desire month after month or should everyone have the same fair chance by eliminating world energy refills during events other than flasks provided by the game



that is veering off topic. To give you a short answer, yes f2p players could compete for events. But only once or twice before going back to the several months of prep it would take them to compete again.

Events heavily favor p2p, now more then ever with how its evolved. However limiting player runs is not the answer to put in some sort of balancing. Boards are extremely random. And 1 or 2 bad boards where you can do nothing should not decide your fate in events. By doing multiple runs it becomes more about how you utilize the optimal board when you get it, so a little more skill based and reflects your preparation more. I think @Uclapack and @Dator can attest to that. Also, note that refills are not limited to events themselves. Its also in the refills top players do in order to farm to collect the mats necessary for events.

That being said, your question on should a handful of players get this opportunity, for sure not. But I do not have a good answer on how to balance events for an f2p player. Certainly not in today’s environment with it being so amazingly competitive.

If you want to continue this discussion we can do so here:


if unlimited tries doesn’t play a key role to you and jimme consistently ranking top 5 in events then i don’t see a reason to further discuss it. Just something I’ve seen discussed by other players, figured it was worth hearing your thoughts. Thanks for the response.


number of tries definitely plays a roll. Not saying it doesn’t. Im just saying that limiting that isn’t going to make it more fair or balancing, just more random and luck based since boards are so random.


Just to add my experience, I buy about $40 worth of refills for each event that I place top 10. I do not think it is possible to rank top 10 now with the events being so competitive, without 30ish flasks. Some people have that saved up but once it’s used it’s hard to restock.
Replaying is useless without strategy though. I remember taking a whole event week off from work, replaying level after level and doing terrible. Refills are a big part of it but also team selection, knowing when to use items, speed, all are huge.
I enjoy the game and when those offers pop up I always get them. I will use the gems for events and the mats are just bonus to me. I always justify it as instead of buying a playstation game, I buy an offer. I have seen some great players that don’t buy offers like me and do just fine.


I don’t get it. Are people trying to make the argument how the game should be “balanced” between f2p and p2p. Maybe give out participation trophies at the end of events as well. People pay to get ahead and have that edge.