Passepartout vs Gaillard for scopes,

We know that Gaillard is a great hero against fiends but is passepartout a better overall hero and more worthy of my scopes? Gaillard is the hero to have to counter fiends yet up to now they can be countered successfully with hero’s especially if you bring two healers to the match to balance weak boards. Passepartout with his massive healing should,remove even double stacks of fiends
within a few rounds. I was about to give Gaillard scopes until I pulled Passerpout. Who would you ascend?

Edit.: more data to help the perspective or muddy the waters as I know it is never cut and dry unless you have knowledge on overall roster., I have been blessed with great 5* heroes up tp this point in having Ariel, C Mama North, 2 Garnett’s, Xnolphod, and a host of four star healers including c Kiril/rigard/war pig.

What are your raiding teams ?

If you’ve already got Ariel and C. Kiril I would prioritise Gaillard first, as he’ll come particularly in handy in this current fiend meta and especially against the tons of Elizabeths on defense. Maybe create a poll if you want more responses as well?


Having Ariel, I would prioritise Gaillard. Especially with the current meta.

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Why did you make two separate threads about the same thing?

If I did it was accidental. Last night was cocktail night. :tropical_drink:

Edit: Now that I am rereading it definitely was the effect of one (or several :rofl:) too many Tito’s and soda. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Gaillard is fast and that is great advantage when you are dealing with fiends. I am using him recently and he’s perfect, not even emblemmed yet.

And the stoneskin is such a power as well. I would only go with Passe if you had no other blue healer.


Poll for easy voting:

  • Passepartout
  • Gaillard

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This is a pretty easy Passapartout, imo. One of the best heals in the game, definitely better than Ariel. Super strong heal (tile dependent, but in an off color) with a massive defense up. In situations with fiends, his massive heal will more than overcome the fiends and will tend to give a better overall heal than a lot of healers would even without the fiends. In situations without fiends Galliard is a mediocre snipe with a pretty good secondary effect in stone skin, while Pass is an insanely huge heal and protection that likely wins you a lot of matches. Also, Pass has one of the best classes in the game.

For comparison, Kiril heals 28% vs Passapartout 25% initial heal. Assuming 1500 average base HP for the sake of round numbers, that’s only 45hp difference in the healing and that’s not counting the heal over time. If there are ZERO green tiles on board, Pass heals another 400hp for a 355hp better heal than cKiril plus a 20% def buff. If there are 7 green tiles (the average number of tiles on a board, but keep in mind since we are selectively removing blue tiles average green tiles should actually be higher than 7) the heal over time would be 1100 (1055hp better than Kiril) and the defense buff would be +69% which far more than makes up for the atk/def debuff cKiril gives.

Ariel in that circumstance would heal for 600hp, cleanse, and boost mana vs a base heal of 375hp with an additional 1100hp over time and 69% defense buff. That’s a net 875hp heal advantage in the average circumstance. Pass won’t cleanse but his defense up will flip the most common status ailment at top ranks (def down from Morel/Frigg), will significantly outheal most DoT like GM that Ariel might cleanse if the timing were right, will outheal any fiends (the status effects of whose wouldn’t be removed by cleanse anyhow), and will provide enough constant healing to just wait out whatever else ails you. Ariel is a phenomenal healer for sure, but Pass just kind of outclasses her in most circumstances.

Yes, he can be dispelled, but dispels are not a major player in the current defense meta. I guess the occasional oddball Seshat or Onyx will be seen, but they tend to be wings and can easily be just played around.

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Gaillard 100%

Even if you aren’t facing a fiend or minion team his stats and ability reason he is a strong sniper.

Passepartout has a good heal, but it isn’t boosted health and is dependent on watching for green tiles.


Here’s what people miss. You don’t have to watch for green tiles. So long as you aren’t stacking green along with him you’ll have more than enough greens on board for him to be OP in the vast majority of circumstances. Even if for some reason you’re purposely stacking greens with him, it only takes a few greens on board for his heal to be really, really good still. Hell, even with zero green tiles anywhere on the board he heals for ~775hp, plus 20% defense up.

Yes, boosted HP is generall preferable to straight healing (that’s why you get less of it Ariel vs cAriel), but Pass has immediate heals to keep your party alive followed by very strong HoT. HoT serves as pseudo boosted HP, as it will essentially function identically if they incur any damage during the 4 turns that it is active. If you assume that your heroes at full life will take ANY damage during 4 turns (they will) any damage they take that is healed by HoT is identical to an equal amount of boosted HP. In fact, because the HoT is so strong, it can often be better than boosted HP if hit by a special or two and/or a few slashes.

For example:
Say you fire an Ariel for 520 boosted HP, then are hit after a turn or two by a Morel/Frigg combo for 600hp. Throw in a slash for good measure, say 200hp more for a total of 800. Your boosted hero is now down 280hp net (assuming that the hero had taken ZERO damage before Ariel). Now assume this happened after Pass fires on a typical board (1100 HoT). If there were only 2 turns left of HoT you’d recoup 550hp (so only short 250hp), if there were three turns left yous recoup 825hp (so full health with capacity to heal an additional 25 if they took slash or minion damage in the meantime).

Now, assume that your party HAD taken some damage before the cAriel boosted HP heal. cAriel would just give a straight heal of 520hp to all, possibly leaving them with zero additional HP or even still fairly low health. In that same circumstance a healer like Pass comes in and drops 1100hp on the party with even a substandard green board of 4 tiles, potentially filling them up and topping them off as they take damage over the next few turns or taking a critically wounded teammate back to essentially full health.


Thanks for this. Much appreciated!

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Don’t have Gaillard, can’t comment on Him… but Passepartout, oh man, I’m in the process of being bowled over!
Been working on him… he is still only at 4/59, so no emblems, obviously.As long as he fires early enough, and average with sufficient mana boost is 9 tiles, he is maintaining a full team at full health, for the duration. I’m gobsmacked!

OK, confession time, I don’t have Ariel, but I have many great healers: MN, LOTL, CVivica, Kunchen, Heim, cRigard, Gulli, Raffaele… he EASILY outflanks all of them, with the possible exception of revive from MN. He must be the most underrated healer in the game! BUT KEEP THIS INFO UNDER YOUR HAT. we don’t want any nerfing going on :wink: