Pass the hero back on the return coin

Make it possible in the game to hand over a fully pumped hero back for crystals or make it a rare item as a reset emblem.

Make coins return and pumping hero through colors and levels.

The idea is the following - if the hero dislikes you - you will be able to pass it to level 1.0 and get the appropriate “return coin”, after which you will be able to pump your entire other hero “from 1.0 to 4/80”.

Taking into account the pace at which new heroes are introduced, pumping schemes, and other things the game has adopted, we now really need a hero reset coin to pump other heroes …

Wowsers. How many ‘coins’ would you want to reset a levelled 5*?

That’s millions in food and hundreds of feeder heroes.

Also, out of interest, why would you want to?

Maybe to get the materials back, I guess? If you were fortunate enough to have a duplicate?

Seems pretty drastic!

You did not understand, the idea is that you don’t need to return tons of food and all items for the hero’s rebirth - I want to get 1 coin of the hero’s return, the essence of which is to later be able to pump other heroes of the same color and stars.
Monetization of this idea - to sell such an opportunity for 500 crystals, for example.

“Why would I want to return”.

I think there will be thousands of these, because as new heroes of the month come out, someone has slow-moving heroes who are 1.5 years old and so on. I would like to have the freedom to choose who to pump, and if it did not work out, then be able to pump another hero? Isn’t this the essence of freedom of choice? - while in this regard it is not in the game …

Yes, I was remarking on what all that would be worth.

So are you saying that you want to be able to swap all the levels from one hero to another?

Effectively like a trainer hero worth tens of thousands of hero level points?

Absolutely! And It will bring a lot of positive emotions to all players!

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Ok, got you.

So you pull Frida, for example, pay a gem cost for a reset coin, pull all your levels off Thorne and pump them into Frida.

Exactly, you will balance the game - because the majority of players want to reborn Frida, but they have Thorne, and the developers think - how to balance Thorn even more now, instead of engaging in new characters and ideas. It’s like a trade in - hand over the old hero and upgrade the new one :))

So if a regular trainer hero is say … my high school girlfriend … this trainer would be Jenna Jameson?

Don’t hate it - but think there needs to be an opportunity cost to switching anything around … time and money are the constraints, but neither alone get you power …

I like that you’d use Thorne until something better appears - but folks already max a fresh card in a few days… and even spending a pile of gems doesn’t sting the way really thinking about cost of leveling does

I say this as someone doing this now - based on unexpected luck at Atlantis portal

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The balance in the game should be unconditional, but here we are talking about the possibility of pumping a new hero in exchange for the already pumped in case a necessary card appears. Good luck

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What would be the opportunity cost?

I pull Thorne - get him to 4.80 over the coarse of … 5 months.

I pull Ariel.

Thorne and Gems go away - token comes back - Ariel is now 4.80

Bonus- all that meat Ariel would normally take can be used for other stuff -

Is this about right?

I pulled out Gregorian and pumped him over 4 months at 4/80, but he disliked me, and I want to pump Mother North to him instead.
Thus, I buy a hero reset coin and shake Mother of the North, and Gregorian is reset to the initial level 1.0. Nothing more, castling a player in full.

As a result, it can be implemented in 2 ways - either through special trainers or through a coin of relief. I think everyone has heroes - which he would like to reset to 1.0, and maybe this will coincide with the new update of the game about the exchange of heroes?

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

In a way I think it’s a good idea, especially for f2p and c2p who don’t buy any big offers which usually contain the 4s items. They are more likely to keep up with the meta and the slow powercreep that comes with new heroes.

On the other hand it would make the strong even stronger. Because now they can easily have multiple of the best heroes in the game. I know some already do, but this will allow more players to do the same. For example: Someone has a leveled Domitia. He or she is fortunate enough to pull 2 Kageburado’s, but only has the mats for one. Kage is (in my humble opinion) ways better than Dom. He/she levels the one with the materials available and uses the token to reset Dom and pump it all into Kage #2. Now he does not only have a leveled Kage, he has a second one basically for free (the mats, hams and feeders have been spend on Dom earlier, so eventhough it “hurt” back then, it feels like a free hero now).

Conclusion: the core of the idea is good, but it will need some tweaking before it can be a balanced addition to the game. I for one, wouldn’t want such coin to be available for purchase, but rather make it a very, very rare drop (0,01% maybe?) on rare Titans and rare Titans only.

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Thank you for the assessment, but the essence of the idea is as simple as the coin resemble the emblems of the classes for the player.

Suppose I have 4 egir or 3 kageburado, do you think - I want to have a team of 3-4 such heroes? No, because during a raid, I will easily endure a yellow or green mono flower. Therefore, on the contrary, for strong players - now there will be more competition!

Now you can also reset the player and pump over another. Regarding whether it was possible to buy or receive it, I would make it rare, but drop down on the events and chests of Atlantis, and when entering such an update, each of them has 1 such coin …

I’ll take 3 Kages any day!
And the reset coin for talents is pretty rare too, Ive been fortunate enough to get one, but I know plenty of people that haven’t.

Many would knock over women and children to pick up their 3 Kages -

Problem is it defeats trade offs - it’s like buying a new car, then returning it to the dealership in 6 months for 100% credit

You get the value of having a strong hero, don’t have to spend anything else to upgrade a new one - so you’d tear through content much faster…

Now - reseting a hero to clawback most of the non droppable Assention items would be very welcome (even if it was an rng that gave back between 50 to 100% of final Assention tier) but meat is just time - and at higher levels it’s easier to stockpile

My thoughts are the artificial blocks are going to stay in place for a while, as if they loosen up anything on the 4* mats, you’ll have a ton of 5s rampaging through the minimal amount of content (2 seasons isn’t a ton of content) then leaving — and every time you summon a new 5 it kind of resets the hooks that keep folks around …

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Taking into account the pace at which new heroes are introduced, pumping schemes, and other things the game has adopted, we now really need a hero reset coin to pump other heroes …


I would support the idea of getting at least the ascension mats back from a hero. But I cannot support a coin that would automatically allow you to fully level up another hero instantly. That would be too much of a boost to top spenders, if they could just buy newer better heroes and instantly swap out their old ones.


Hi all!
As for me, I will be happy simply with a coin that will return 4* stuff back and put the hero to 3-70. That would be enough. I have Guinevere wich was my first yellow 5* and now after a year I literrally never use it. Even Joon would be more helpful. So if I could return 4* material and use it for more actual hero, it will be great. And it wont affect the balance much or affect positively, unpaying players could update their cards easier.

SG needs monetization, for example, like scales that break the limit, so it should work here, but down and reset the hero to 3.70 with the return of items…

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