Pass on JF? Do NOT ascend Ariel?

Ivy - congrats on getting Ariel! I was hoping to get her but no luck! Vela seems like a strong hero against red titans, but otherwise I’m not sure she really excels in other roles. From the comments, Ariel seems like a good all round hero, certainly the mana gain is annoying in raids!


Hi @IvyTheTerrible Apologies I could not reply earlier. Thanks for the tag!

Well, I was insanely lucky. I had 19 EHT on February 1st, and it seemed like a long time till the Spring Seasonal Event! My desire for order “allowed” me to use 4 of them, to get them down to a “round” 15. On the 4th and last token, out popped Jean-François! I couldn’t quite believe my luck. I don’t have Gravemaker, so JF is a nice addition. All EHTs are now being stockpiled again - already back to 17.

In your shoes, with 15 rings, I would definitely max JF if you are lucky enough to get him. With Atlantis Rising moving forward as it did, there is a chance Season 3 might start at the end of February - so some early pulls there would have a chance at JF. Pure speculation of course.

I am gradually moving my JF to 3.70, but not bothering to have a power-levelling run on him. I will probably max him when he gets to 3.70. I have 10 rings and no Gravemaker (or Anzogh) so it seems to make sense. My only other red at 3.70 is Ares, who has been there for months!

Congratulations on Ariel! I do NOT have Ariel sadly. I have only done 3 pulls this Atlantis, with coins, and am resisting any more. I might cave in and do enough single pulls with gems to make it to 10 for the bonus ascension chest. Again, my desire for order driving this.

I’m still undecided on Vela. I have her at 3.70 now , alongside Miki, Magni and Misandra all at or near 3.70 … and I have 8 Telescopes. Playing the waiting game for now and using my feeders on getting JF and Lady Locke to 3.70.

In your case, for all the reasons the others have said, I think I would focus on Ariel and take her to 3.70 and then max her. You will have that first cape very soon. And four more can’t be too far away what with PoV, Avalon and Frostmach within 30 days. There is even one in the Army Pack offer today if you are tempted!

If you go Ariel, remind me of your Cleric emblem situation? You have loads on Rigard right? Where are the rest?

Good luck with your decision making. There certainly seems to be a consensus forming.



I’m really happy that you got JF! Especially since you lack GM. I like the build of JF a lot and was hoping to get him partly as another Kunchen counter option (and others, but I face Kunchen a lot). I have GM when I need a killer, but he does little against Kunchen.

S3 is a good point! I’m glad you said that; I see the signs of imminent release but hadn’t thought about it wrt JF since I don’t have a S3 summoning plan yet. So I’ll definitely have a few more opportunities with JF…it’s just not clear if I should take them. I was expecting Atlantis at month end, and my decision would have been more clear if it were the last chance. Anyway…

@Hcmitchellr, thanks for showing me your red Anzogh stack! This is dumb, but seeing it is the first time I realized that Wilbur + Anzogh gives the latter a chance to proc Jinx on the spirit link buff. What’s your mana troop setup? I am closing in on one at level 23, so I could shave a tile from one of them, but my next is only at level 11. It’d be lovely to fire Wilbur and then Anzogh at 9 tiles each, but I’m far from that capability.


As expected, everyone favors her. It’s partly a timing issue. It’ll take longer to max her and Mother North +13 and Costumed Rigard +16 have all the Cleric emblems. I think I’m going one more node on Rigard, but Ariel could have them going forward after that. Before pulling Ariel I was intending to next talent Hansel, but he can wait since I already score well in the places I use him (tournament and blue tank wars).

In contrast, Vela could get to the field immediately at +7 or so. Caedmon and Costumed Melendor are both +17 or +18 or so, but I have a decent stash of Druid emblems since embleming a four star is relatively inexpensive.

This wait is a very real cost to me as my blue 3tack is fragile. Grimm +18, Frida +7, and Kiril +17 are substantially less robust than the blues you have. Survival is definitely as issue AND I have slower mana than your team! I was looking to Vela to help. Ariel will too, just later.


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