Pass on JF? Do NOT ascend Ariel?

These are serious questions.


I was hoping to snag him this month, but my stockpile of Atlantis coins didn’t land him. I can use some costume keys and event coins later in the month, or I can save those for a run at Telluria.

The relevant factors:

  • I already have GM, so JF isn’t necessarily adding a ton to my roster.
  • I have 15 rings, which is why I was hoping to snag him, especially with more upcoming from Valor and Mount Umber.
  • If I get JF the plan is to immediately max him. If I now pass on him I would probably opt to max my 3.70 Anzogh, anticipating him fighting Telluria.
  • I only have 2 tonics, so even if I get Telluria, she’d be parked at 3.70 for a while. Morgan is already at 3.70 and would otherwise be in line for the next set of tonics.
  • The number of keys and coins in play here is hardly enough to make the HOTM likely, but I do still want to maximize my chances for a roster improving addition.


Hard to be at all upset with this Atlantis when I landed Ariel instead! Basically, the question is if I should max her or Vela instead (the latter is currently at 3.70). Weirdly, the gating AM is CAPES. I am sitting, comedically, on THREE Warm Capes, having pulled none in my last 37 ascension material drops. This will change, at the latest, in 12 more Valor levels (of the next Frostmarch, if that hits first).

So I have two choices for when I get a fourth cape:

  1. Max Vela, leave Ariel at 2.60 (this is why the decision is weird to me, since that’s WAY different than 3.70 - there’s just no way I can use a 2.60 hero in war).
  2. Leave Vela parked, take Ariel to 3.70 when I snag that previous fourth cape (lol), and then start searching for four more. Presumably at that point the plan would be Ariel > Vela, though I have emblems for the latter and not the former.

@Steve9999, what do you think?


I’m on the pursue maxing Ariel boat. 4 capes will come…

Concerning JF I’m really hoping to grab him (even with GM and a cluttered Wizard class roster). I don’t know how much I would like maxing Anzogh over JF (meaning I would max JF over Anzogh).

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What does your 5* healer inventory look like?

I vote Ariel and 20 characters.


Ariel to wash your ailments away.
Ariel to have an average 5* healer.
Ariel to boost your mana gen.

Vela to ???


Ariel !
A Cape also available on Avalon event completion.

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Another for Ariel. I believe she is still the best 5* healer.

Im not liking JF even though I got him with a free pull today. Ive had a maxed Anzogh for a while and I love him.


As expected, broad Ariel consensus already building.

@voidstrike, yeah, if I get JF I will max him over Anzogh, though I can do both. I’ll edit my OP for clarity.

@ItsaDragon, my five star healers are Anzogh at 3.70, Aegir at +0 (though I do have 600+ Paladin emblems which I was originally going to give to Richard before I drew Vela - now he’s at 3.70 and she’s ahead of him in line), Mother North +13.

No cleansers, which I assume is part of what you were wondering about. Best I can do on that front is Costumed Rigard +16. No Zim or Lady Locke. Additional Costumed Rigard +0 is rostered and I could do a third if I needed to.

@jinbatsu - great thought! I hadn’t considered Avalon, but it’s useful information since it speeds up the path to 8 capes, strengthening Ariel’s case.

@Hcmitchellr, thanks for chiming in! The fire decision is important to me too. What attack teams are you crafting with Anzogh? Standard BT, Wilbur, Falcon type stuff? Or have you found some other fun ways to utilize him?

You got him today and you’re not liking him? What level are you using him at, out of curiosity?

As for Vela vs Ariel, Ariel is one of, if not the best healer, so I’d certainly get her to 3/70, use them both then decide what’s more of a need for your roster. (Maybe you have 5 rigards with a bunch of emblems and don’t “need” Ariel just yet… only you know which one will have a bigger impact for your builds)

Also my vote for Ariel. beside being 5 star healer, the main gen comes in so handy, not only in raids, but also against blue titans to keep miki, grimm and arthur (or frida) going. (i wish there would also be a purple “Ariel”, but that would be another story…)

@IvyTheTerrible This is my red team. I dropped Falcon for Anzogh some time ago (I still use Falcon on titans).

@amessofamind I havent leveled him and right now I am not planning on it. I believe he needed adjustment when the first beta version came out, but they took it too far. Hes a weaker and slower version of GM and his additional buffs really don’t make up for it IMO. Then again, I have Ares and GM so…

Im still up to have my mind changed. I didn’t think much of Neith at first either, but I changed my mind about her.

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Exactly what @Calling_Demon mentions, the mana generation extra for Ariel. 5* healers are necessary AND Ariel speeds up the entire team, speed is the key to the meta and she can take an average speed hero to the cusp of fast (10 tiles to 8 tiles, need 25% mana gain so a level 1 mana troop will cover the difference).

Oh, and she cleanses, a very handy skill and just that little extra against all the DoTs and ailment casters.

Athena and Frida are both average speed blue defense down, bringing them to fast makes your blue stacks amazing on titans (perhaps this is a vision of your future rather than your present reality).

Fair enough, just saw you mention it in 2 separate threads that you don’t like him, was kind of hoping you had used him a bit. When I first used him I wasn’t sure I was much of a fan, but now that he’s 3/70 and already doing decent (300) damage per hero I’m considering maxing him. Zo is also a consideration and I put them pretty close in usability but I have a lot of average speed red and could always use another fast. Anyway, we can get back to topic, sorry to derail a bit.

I would take Vela to max. If you get Telluria, she will be a perfekt flank. That eben my Plan :sweat_smile:

I’m just very unhappy you stole my pull. I would happily trade you mine (Muggy, Amelia, Ulmer, Gaderius, Wu Kong, BT, Triton, Mnessus, Valen, Tibertus, and JF) for 9 Dawas and Ariel.

All of mine are dupes except JF. Although a few will eventually get leveled, at least to 3/60. Probably.

But wow I wanted Ariel. Not worth attempting to chase with what few gems I have left though. Would probably end up with Mok Arr if anything.


Oh, and yes Ariel. I’m working on Vela, but would shift in a heartbeat.

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Max Ariel, for JF you could still try to get him with event’s coins and the reward’s epic hero tokens.

I wish I could donate some spare Capes to you :laughing:

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Epic offer today had cape and scope with 3k gems. Go get em!


Oh I know I know! The next step is profit!

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I say Ariel. She heals, cleanses and boosts mana. I absolutely love my Ariel

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