Pase vip no activado en ninguna de ambas cuentas

realice una invitacion a un amigo, y llego a nivel 10 y ni el y yo recibimos el vip. Adonde debo reclamar y que debo escribir.
les pido sean especificos porque soy latino y esta todo en ingles, se que costara. me apoyare en el traductor
muchas gracias a quin se tome el tiempo de responder


I made an invitation to a friend, and I reached level 10 and neither he and I received the vip. Where should I complain and what should I write.
I ask you to be specific because I am Latino and it’s all in English, I know it will cost. I will lean on the translator
thank you very much who took the time to reply

Idioma oficial del foro, utilice en el futuro.

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Check ths thread.

Basically you need to contact support; either click this hash-tag for instructions of see graphic below (Credit @MuadDib): contact-support

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