Participation percentage way off

When I opened my war chest after today’s battle, it said my participation percentage was 32%. I’ve never sat out a battle with my current alliance and I’ve used all flags in every war.

Please research code behind said calculation and please fix. I’m getting horrible loot no matter what my score is during the war. This isn’t fair and should be corrected ASAP.

In general, I enjoy the game and appreciate the fixes you’ve made to date.

Thank you!

You probably left for a short period. Then participation starts at 0 again

I feel your pain, I did leave my alliance for an hour and I received 20% participation. Did not know that would happen. I have never been to War with any other alliance and I think it is unfair. Personally, the time and money I spend on/in this game, I feel I should be allowed a visit without penalty. Just a consideration.

It’s not right to reset the clock on participation. It should be based on the number of wars you could participate in. Doesn’t sound like a bug, it’s more of a penalty. What a shame!

These rules are set to avoid mercenaries jumping from one alliance to another and getting way more loot than people who stays and actually belong to a single one.
The game is designed to be played in teams (alliances). Using excuses like “sister alliance”, “helping people”, etc… many used and abused this feature.


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