Participation in the battle

Hey. We had a problem in our last war with another alliance. Morti_001 (member of Al) wasn’t able to fight in the battle. He could only watch for the battle field despite the fact that he had located his defence heroes at the field.
Our Al - Ledends of angel. We fought vs M.K.M Al.
Is it bug or feature?

Thanks in advance.

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If he is lower than level 12, then that’s normal. If he’s 12 or higher, he needs to contact customer support about the bug.
Lower level players can set up their teams and get advice from their fellow alliance members during prep, but they don’t actually make it into the war unless they can reach level 12 during the preparation period.

He is 25 level. He has participated in all battles befor. But in the last one he couldn’t attack anyone. And during preparation his heroes were on the battle field.

Do support answer on this forum? Or shoud I write somewhere else?

This page gives details on how to contact customer support directly.
They do keep an eye on the forum for reports of bugs, but following the instructions there is how to get things fixed for individual players if there’s an issue.

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Did he feed one of his alliance war defense heros to another hero? That will put you in spectator mode. Did he leave the alliance and rejoin during the preperation phase?

He didn’t leave the alliance during the preparation part and war part. I know it for sure.
And I’ll ask him about feeding his defense heroes. I haven’t known about this rule…

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