Participating in War

I have a member that tried to join the battlefield just after we started the matchmaking period. Shouldn’t we be able to do that?

Do we have to check ourselves as participating BEFORE matchmaking. Seems like we should be allowed to set up our battlefield during the matchmaking period.

Matchmaking takes into account the people participating at the moment of matchmaking. You then have 24hrs to change your defence team if you wish to. But yes you have to be checked in as a participant before matchmaking occurs.

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I can click the box to participate, but I can’t set a defense team at all. Help?

I think it is the same. You can say you are participating but it has to be done before matchmaking. So you cannot participate in that war. Keep it checked and you will be OK for the next war. Then a team will be there and you can edt the team. Pay attention to troops too.


Go to the war tab and see if the option for you to edit your defense team is available. If not it may be that you did check the particpate box too late for the current war but should be able to be in the next one.

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