?Partially damaged war team gave full points on clean-up

I have a vid showing of our attack log that shows him being 1 shot then hit for 32 points then the next hit was worth 68 points.

I M wondering If his MN revived the whole team on the 2nd hit that caused it too give his total worth

The value of the battle is set at the beginning. It should not change if MN revives a hero. In fact, if MN revives a hero that was dead at the beginning of the battle that hero is removed if still revived at the end of the battle. Also any healing above what was at the beginning of the battle is also removed. I’ve seen that done.

Are you sure there is no other hit between those two? If not then submit a support ticket as that must be a bug or glitch, maybe in MN’s special.


Yes I am sure. Wish I could upload the vid of our attack log. It shows exactly what I stated. Just giving a heads up about it.

I see the consecutive hits for 32 then 68. Since you say the 32 wasn’t a finishing hit that looks like a bug.

@Petri is this something you need to look at?

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Correct the 32 was the first attempt after he was one shot prior. Then the following hit scored full points

For what it’s worth:

  1. The hits lineup in the screenshots @BWS17P uploaded. The hits at the bottom of 1 screen are also shown at the top of the next. You can clearly see a 1-shot, a partial and then another 1-shot.

  2. I looked up the alliance. There is only 1 Andyman on the alliance (Barring someone changing a name or leaving as soon as war war over. Both possibilities as we can’t see the entire war board.)

This does appear to be a bug.


I can understand your point about being another account having the same name. However that is not the case. I would not waste my time writing this post if that was the case. We did end up winning. I just dont want this to go unnoticed. I’m laughing at the thought of us changing names. That is giving us way to much credit of thinking how to confuse our opponents.

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Haha! Part of my RL job involves finding ways to get around things. It just translates to this game as well. It’s a sickness, I’m sure… :rofl:

Glad you guys were able to get past those extra points. Congrats on the win!


Just for you to see our team at the end of the war.

Is it possible that there were only two teams left before your opponents reset the board - Andyman (with half health) and DemonLord? When they took them out, they reset the board and Andyman became the first target after the reset.

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If that was the case I wouldn’t be wasting my time posting about this. Please look at our attack log. Its showing our dilemma. Thanks


Great thought @D_DI but if you look at the logs you’ll see Andyman killed for 68 points in screenshot #1. You see him hit again in screenshot #2 for a partial 32 points, then again a few hits later 1-shot for 68 points.

As I mentioned previously, the flow of the screenshots look correct. You can see the same hits at the end of one and at the start of the other, so it doesn’t appear that any partial hits are missing. Sadly, this looks like something odd happened :unamused:


Close war. Congrats on the win. I hope devs look into this and check what happened.

Resurrection only effects that current match, revived heroes do not stay or count for points. In fact, if only MN or Alby is left… and they bring back the while team, you can ignore them and kill MN or Alby. Even if the resurrected heroes kill your team, you win.

Just an extra note. They’re ghosts essentially for the fight they’re revived.

I think the OP knows that, rather his posts are showing that what we know to be true (what you’ve just said) did not actually manifest in game


I feel like I’m playing Ace Attorney or Professor Layton, this is an interesting puzzle

MN wouldn’t have anything to do with this scenario. I’m not sure why the thread title was changed as I think that may confuse the actual issue :unamused:

If you look at the screenshots, the scenario went like this:

  1. The team was 1-shot (pic 1)
  2. The team revived (either by timer or reset)
  3. The team was hit for 32 partial points (pic 3)
  4. The team was hit again for a full 68 points (pic 3)

If MN had revived everyone at point #3, the player wouldn’t have received 32 points. Since the next hit was for the full 68 points, this means 0 points would have been given for the hit (MN reviving hit).

I think a likelier possibility may be that the player hitting the team DC’d during the fight. I’ve noticed points being given to players in this instance (Yay! Seems like SG fixed some of that issue :laughing:). Perhaps the player dc’d, was awarded the points, but the system reset the team to full health. Just a thought.


For those lazy to read the screenshots the chronology looks something like this

Franciscoc - - > 68 - - > Andyman (1-shot) [A]

(many hits later)

PCiarlini - - > 32 - - > Andyman (Partial) [B]

(2 hits later)

Alfaiate - - > 68 - - > Andyman (1-shot) [C]

The contradiction lies with entries [B] and [C]

Absent a glitch, how could Andyman be partially hit one moment, recover, and then two hits later be one-shotted?


Really? I’ve dcd a few times and never had such luck, always been given 0.

Unless it’s a very recent thing!

It would also seem a bit unfair to the defending team - how would we ever know if the attacker would have taken out the other team

That could potentially be exploited by just disconnecting all hits to max points :joy:

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