Partial use of World/Raid/Titan Energy Flasks (1/3)

Can SG make it so each kind of energy flask (world/raid/titan) can be used in 3 partial doses. It is wasteful to use an energy flask when you only need a few more flags, so if divided into 3 doses they would be used more freely.
HOWEVER since it would be difficult to keep track of different 3 levels of each type of flask, a simple solution would be to Triple the quantity in each players inventory and change their description to say a flask only refills 1/3 of your world energy, or 2 raid energy, or 1 titan energy.
Then they can be given out more freely as an individual flask would be less valuable.

Please SG make three new items, Partial world/raid/titan flasks that fill 1/3 of your WE/RE/TE. World energy goes up with level, so using one would add 34% of your max WE.
Raid/Titan energy is a static 6 or 3, so a use would give 2 RE or 1 TE.

In the shop you can purchase a full WE or RE refill for 100 gems, please add a Titan Energy refill as well AND add Partial refills in the shop for 34 gems.

I just used a flask to get the finishing strike on a titan but only needed one. I definitely would have purchased one energy in gems over using a whole flask. I am sure many people have had this same situation for all 3 types of energy and the partial refills would be purchased a lot.

This is a fantastic idea! Instead of spending 100 gems for full WE, when we only need 10 or 12, maybe sell them individually up to max?

Should be rare farmable items and/or additional rewards…

1 titan hit, 10 we, 3 raid flags.

Would also be cool, if there was the possibility of storing e.g. 10 titan hits, 20 raid attacks and 100 we. If you don’t have time to use your energies, you just send some to your store for later use. Working people with families would possibly be very thankful for that.

In that case flasks could stay as they are.

It has been mentioned before on the forum ( see Notes).

When I actually posted it in the #ideas-feature-requests section, I got zero votes, and no discussion.


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[Suggestion] Buying 3 WE, 1 RE, & 1 AE



The idea for empty flasks is discussed here, and I would totally be cool with SG introducing partial flasks and empty flasks, as well as being able to buy partial refills for all 3 kinds of energy in the shop

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In the shop you can purchase a full WE or RE refill for 100 gems,
however if we were able to purchase partial refills in the shop (50% for 50 gems or 33% for 34 gems)
I GUARANTEE there would be A LOT more purchases of partial energy instead of using a flask or buying the 100 gem refills. I for certain would have purchased them MANY many times and have never once got the 100 gem versions since I could do that anyway by using a flask @EmpiresPuzzles, @Petri please add these

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