Partial Training Camp Skip with Gems

This didn’t come up in the “similar topics” display when I entered the title, so I hope it isn’t a duplicate…

Since many of us use TCs to store food and the like, some of the TCs end up having quite a backlog as more recruits are added. There is an option to “skip all” for gems, in some cases, that may not be the desired option.

Would it be possible to add a "Skip " or “Skip %” at a lower gem rate. For example, TC 11 is a popular storage place… would it be possible to add a “skip 10” or “skip 100” option. Or it could follow the lead of the Food/Iron in the store and skip 1/4 or 1/2 of the remaining trainings. The gem cost could be calculated based on the single skip cost multiplied by the total number of trainings skipped. This could apply to specific TC levels, or to all…

Thanks for checking :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


So I noticed that if I wanted to skip some training times (for heroes) I’d have to come up with the whole amount in order to skip it. Not really an issue until you have dozens/hundreds of heroes being trained up and the amount you need to finish them is 10k+30k+ gems in order to do so…thats asking for a lot.
My question/suggestion is this…can you make it so (at least when it comes to training heroes) you can choose to pay for a certain number of completions instead of having to do ALL of them immediately? I’d like to do different things with my Training buildings but since I have many days “saved/lined” up, and I don’t have enough gems, theres no way for me to speed it up unless I spend a lot of money. I’m not trying to be cheap/greedy…I’m just trying to find a middle ground here.

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