Partial Talent Grid Emblem Reset

I wish wish wish wish they made it so you could edit your talents without having to reset the whole thing. I wanted to change gm 19 talent from defense to mana generation. But to reset just for one change is rediculous. What do you guys think?

I think you should search the forum before creating a duplicate post.


I think people should pay attention when upgrading the talent grids and think twice before choosing a path…

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I did pay attention. I’ve used him for a few months this way. But want to try out a different path and see how it goes.

I’d also like a partial reset.

NOT to move emblems to another hero, I accept the complete reset there. ONLY to take a different path within the same tree. You could make it costly but maybe not as expensive as starting again from zero.

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I totally agree that when doing a reset you should be able to select how far back down the talent tree you wish to reset. Got a Hero sitting at +9 and you want to drop him to +1, you should be able to do that with a single action from a Reset Token.

Hey all,

Apologies for if this has been suggested previously, but I haven’t browsed the forum enough to see if it has.

But has anyone ever suggested the idea of adding an item in game - similar to a reset emblem - that allows you to take one step back in the Talent Grid? By doing this you will of course lose the resources used to get to that point (in ham and iron), but it wont be as gut-wrenching as having to reset completely.

Only because, sometimes I think to myself, after going past 7 (where 8 and 10 cost 125 each)

“ah, I could have used them elsewhere actually”

In instances like these, step back tokens would be absolutely lovely and welcomed with open arms, haha.

Just a late night thought!

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Been mentioned i believe

Seems similar to this idea

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We make the decisions as to whom we want to class, completely understood. Also that decision is made at a specific point in time based on what exists then and possibly some limited data is available for forecasting/into the future with that decision. The evolution however isn’t ‘real’ - its a designed one modified at will of the creators of it. All good. No point in me getting into a philosophical over this.

It would be a good design to ‘reset’ to a saved point in the past I mark as ‘safe’ or desired regardless of future change (such as with electronic devices). To leave something instead of nothing for all that was worked for in many different ways in terms of cost.

Simply in my case I have held from the beginning I wouldn’t strip any of my heroes of their bare and basic talent after I have bestowed it upon them. Being able to maintain their 1st class at reset would be a fair request for a future mod vs having to destroy and rebuild the minimal foundation.

It has also been proposed that being able to reset per node would be strongly desired and I would appreciate that just as well.

To argue as a player against this, from my perspective, would be perverse.


@D2z @Guvnor



Per node (or nodes) reset would be a great feature, allowing more flexibility for the emblems to change owners… anyway, just as total reset, node reset shoud come with a very high food and iron cost and emblems penalty, or by reset token, in order to keep it from becoming as common as costume equip/unequip, which might negatively impact the game. Comming cheap, such feature, would bring a great advantage to the attacker, being able to switch emblems to the attack teams when on-line and back to defense when off…

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@Razor It would be a handy device but like @Ian487 there be ways of people to exploit it. Or make it so rare that it can’t be and you have to use it wisely.
Supposed iv been kinda lucky read the fourm about people wanting not to do a full reset and still want to keep some on them. Hence why some of my 4* will just stay at 7-9 due to events and quests. Jackal+18 falcon+15 Ammennoa?+18 only ones iv taken higher. Plus lucky to get say Athena over a year ago finally finshed her today so I saved all emblems for her after taking chao and Triton +7.
But got wilbur late and have jabberwok so he getting emblems prob give wilbur some one day. I’m not fussed on a killing squad more just play to complete everything get the flasks for atlantis do as much farming as possible.
Be a case of use your emblems wisely so a full reset isn’t a problem in the future.

Exploitation just isn’t in my line of thinking of things players, its more about being reasonable and flexible. I’m approaching the subject from a different angle and perspective it seems. I more often than not put great care and thought into many of my decisions and actions and how they benefit the whole. The great fact for me is when the playing field changes significantly I must move with it to certain degrees or perhaps large degrees to maintain ‘state’. The idea that someone has to lose in order for one to gain is necessary isn’t necessary though many fall into that false thought. And some fall into the trap of being trained to believe that is how it needs to be. Nor is a high cost required to provide a small gain or small setback. Nor does there need to be the dissection of various populace identifying who gains more just because one might gain more to justify blocking such a thing from happening. Not attempting to make this personal just providing my perspective that may not have been known or clear. @Ian487 @Dudeious.Maximus

Don’t get out yah pram mate. :wink: Err did you actually read what I put? I kinda do what I want with who I want if I think it’s good idea I’m levelling a mok-arr gonna get emblems too! why? cause I want too f the haters.

this idea is damn good, can’t understand why it hasn’t gained more traction yet.
I just reset T20 Drake only to pu him back to T19, and I’m about to do the same on my Mitsuko and Zimkitha now…what a waste of time and resources !
This is the kind of drill that honestly makes you wanna quit the game @Petri

Dear SG, please this partial emblem reset become true :wink:

Back than i give 20 emblems on my boril, but now i think it’s too much since the last emblem (lv.20) it’s not so important compared to give it to my Vivica.

So yeah, i need this idea to be true

I propose that the resetting of emblems can also be partial and not only total. so you can balance other heroes and not waste so many resources

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Good idea.


great idea! would definitely save a ton of resources :+1:

I’ve wanted this for some time as well.

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