Part 5 : castle defense

Im pondering on an idea for quite some time, that there should be the other way around of using your troops.

In war, we have one defense team and basically 6 offensive teams.
It would add another approach to game if there was also 6 team defense (it doesnt cost players any aditional hero).

Setup would be similar to WARS. You have 24hrs (?) to fight 6 castle defense. You only field one defense team (PALACE DEFENSE). But you later setup defense teams for each battle you fight, beforehand.

You cant use same heroes on defense twice.
Battles are progressing. For longer, you hold the enemies before advancing to next stage, the bigger reward you get. You WIN the event if you atleast hold them on 6th attempt - enemies in your palace, but is also the hardest challenge.

If you dont, the enemies sack your town of some resource and low ascension/ battle items (1 and 2*)


Each level of defense provides different bonuses to defensive party.

*MAIN GATES (outer walls) : enemies have 20% less accuracy. First wave, the enemy sends 3 troops to scout defences (easiest defense).

2nd and 3rd wave brings 4* enemies. 4th wave is mix of 4 and 5*, 5th and 6th are 5* enemies. Each wave its own battle, not with same heroes.

Additional defenses on ANY LEVEL, preventing enemies to advance brings harder and harder enemies.

WATCHTOWER : arrows fly from watchtower (dealing % dmg of enemies current health)

INNER WALLS : defense party has 10% bonus defense

COURTYARD : all healings are increased by 25% for defensive party

PALACE : specials fill 30% faster for defensive party

This idea goes in hand to a supported idea of fighting HORDES outside, suggested by someone else. These two could be combined, that the HORDES attack your castle first, then you bring fight to them (go after them)

Comments? :slight_smile:

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