For offensive and defensive raids, players can station one of three types of units in watchtower or if they add building MAIN GATES.

It would use same troop tokens as of now, they would just get classes added :

WATCHMEN (defense oriented) :
a) If enemy looses, they give small bonus to defense for next raid to defensive party (depending on their lvl).
b) They take lesser amounts of food and iron from offensive party ( a quarter of what you would get for offensive raid). (depending on their lvl). Increased iron and food resources from offensive raids.
c) They reduce effectivness of enemy rogues. (30% less)

ROGUES ( offense oriented) :
a) on succesfull offensive raid, they give small attack bonus to attacking party (depending on their lvl)
b) they take low lvl crafting or ascension items (1 or 2* or low lvl battle items from offensive raids. Really low chance for 3* battle items) (depending on their lvl). They take few recruits on defense.
c) they reduce effectiveness of enemy wizards (30% less)

WIZARDS ( utility oriented) :
a) on succesfull offensive or defensive raid, they capture/ convert a reasonable number of recruits
b) they have minor chance to produce gems from raids (def or attacking). For example : on 100 raids, you would get 20 gems as lvl 1 wizards troops on average, at lvl 30 stationary wizard troop, you would get around 75 gems on 100 raids (but alot alot more troops).
c) they reduce effectivenes off enemy watchmen (30% less)

Wizards are there as an option for F2P players.

From offensive raids, you still get normal food/iron reward.

WATCHTOWER feature :

for 20 gems, you can set up a match with alliance member which will get recorded. At the end of match, you can have up to 5 saved matches. You can study tape then to see, how you can do better or OFFENSE or finally be ABLE TO SEE, what your DEFENSIVE LINEUP does and work on improvements. It used as a testing feature for alliance members. You get 1000 exp for each match.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

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