PART 3 : new event - SHARDS OF OMNIPOTENCY (local area)

SHARDS OF OMNIPOTENCY (for alliances) - Aliances compete to destroy barrier around shard to gain its benefits.
The one team with highest score (local area) gets a hold of shard of power for a week, boosting whole alliance in different ways, depending on the shard acquired.

  • each week (twice), 50 aliancies (randomly picked in local area) try to defeat alliance with shard (their set defense team). The one with best score takes a hold of shard (under condition, that they manage to defeat team with it) for a week. if they dont, the top team holds it for another week. Each alliance can only compete once to get the shard, unless they were a winning team atleast once ( guarantee ticket for the rest of month)

Last week of month, shards get broken, and a restoring its shape back (rest time).

This event is occuring one month ON, one month off.

a) SHARD OF POWER / (fire) : boosts your alliance, giving them 10% attack, 10% defense, 10% HP (for all stages and events) / buffs during battle doesnt ovveride shards buffs, but stack

b) SHARD OF REJUVENATION (holy) : 10% Hp regen each round, 10% mana regen each round, increased healing from potions 25%

c) SHARD OF ASCENSION (dark) : specials are augmented +20% power (heals, damage, deff up/ down, attack up/ down,…), heroes and troops gets 20% more experience

d) SHARD OF ABUNDANCE ( nature) : 20% more resources and items from all sources, extra chance for 4* ascension items

e) SHARD OF TIME (blue) : buildings & items & researches & troops are finished in 75% less time

In war : shards shoot their buffs each round and do a small attack on target (10% HP) ( so it can get dispelled for a round)…

What do you guys and gals think? :slight_smile:

Does the top alliance has to fight up to 50 wars in that month? Would require a lot of activity.

But nice war rules. Daily or weekly stronger or weaker elements or elements with certain advantages or disadvantages would be cool.

Hello :slight_smile: Thank you for opinion!

No. The alliance who got shard, would have set defensive team + Shard help

For attacking alliances, its basically war sistem (only the number of tries would have to be figured out to be balanced.

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What exactly do you mean by “local area”? I don’t get that part.

Aquaginera : if you go to leaderboard menu in-game, you can see under tab top players option global or local.

If this event was global, not many people can attend and gain from it.

But if its local, you got better chances to compete and get picked (tied to one country or one region of country of Alliance).

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So what if I am in an international alliance with people from all over the world? :thinking:


And especially if you are in a top alliance, how many other alliances can there be in your local area who would even come close to being a fair match?

The alliance local place counts from the person, who made alliance.

[NPNKY] : I think empires and puzzles have enough big of player base for this event to be in local region and be competetitive.

Beacuse alliance with shard is among the best + having the shard, i Think fair would be, that each alliance member has two tries (flags) to beat whole alliance with shard. In war, you have 6 flags, but you can beat certain members more times. The outcome is big, so you feel really acomplished by the end of it, if your alliance succed. It shouldnt be easy.

You aren’t answering my question. Say you have 7DD or CP or one of the other top 10 alliances in your area. It is extremely unlikely that there will be more than one of that caliber in a region. How is any other alliance going to have a fair chance to beat them?
How much fun will it be for 7DD to defend their shard against an alliance with a mix of 3*, 4*, and 5* in their attacks, like mine. It would be like brushing away gnats. Yawn.
And how much fun would it be for my newer players, who are just now finishing their second 4* team and starting to level 5*, to go up against 30 teams of HotM and event heroes at +19 or +20 emblems and level 30 troops? I love a challenge, but get real.

Not sure if that works to be honest… :thinking: It leaves a lot of room for exploitation. One could quickly give the leader role to someone who lives in a “weaker” country to get an easy matchup/region. :slight_smile:

Ah, I really didnt understand you first time . It does present a challenge, like you said.

a) This event is highest tier (being most rewarding).

b) Solution to this would be, that alliances work together (lets say group of five) and the one alliances with highest score would hold the shard (group of five). They would compete vs other 9 group alliances (total of 50 alliances) - randomly generated but towards even distribution of power.

Yes/ No?

The basic premise is if people find general idea interesting. If YES, we can then work on fine tuning details to make it challenging/ fun for all.

Sorry i wrotte same as before. I hope it would be made that way if implemented,… // Yes if did work that way :slight_smile: But local place of alliance stays same, from the moment it was created ( changing leadership of alliance wouldnt change region.

Maybe would this be an option once per year?

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