PART 2: NEW BUILDINGS and features in TOWN

Continuing with new (old?) ideas :slight_smile:

a) trading food for ore and vice versa. Higher marketplace lvl, more equal the ratio between giving and getting. Starting at 4 units to get 1 , later 1 for 1.

b) Marketplace in later levels offers lvl 1 and lvl 2 crafting items and ascenscion items to trade with iron/food.

a) offers extra quests
b) later levels offers rare quests (upgraded version of forage food, experience, iron and recruits)
c) from 15 levels on, there is a weekly chance, that for small gem amount, offers rare quests (with 4* ascension items), or it might give you (emblems quest) or rare battle item quests (items 3 and 4 stars)
d) offers medieval BLACKJACK game already early ( offer iron or food / depends to win bigger price of same resource
e) later tavern levels might include betting battle items for higher * battle items
f) later tavern levels might include betting gems for energy flasks of all sorts

a) breed dogs , pigs, squirrels, owls or ravens who forage/ scout area for specific item
b) higher lvls can forage harder to get items with higher probability
c) they return home once a day with supplies or empty handed
d) each animal has affinity for particular group of items
e) their max retrieved item rarity is 3* (but a lot lower probablity of getting it)

ARENA : ( giving low level heroes extra usefulness and another option for troop lvl progression.

a) place where heroes of 1-3* can get experience/ levels and all levels of troops
b) you choose a hero vs troop
c) fights are calculated on probablity.
d) If a troop wins, hero dies and troop gains experience. If a hero wins, chosen troop looses experience or gets demoted for a lvl or two.
e) max troop lvl progression is 10 levels, so to not stop small giant in getting money from people buying troop tokens :slight_smile:
f) but you can choose troop to enter for first time in arena and start lvling at lvl 20-till 30. But it will take time and alot of low lvl heroes.

ALTAR OF GODS (Stronghold lvl 23)
a) allows you to offer 5 legendary heroes (and 100 gems) for one past hero of the month (it can give you one you already have)
b) the more heroes are ascended, the lower is the number of heroes you need to sacrifice (lowest is two fully ascended heroes and 1 unranked legendary for 1 past HOTM).

BARRICADES : when offensive raid, there is a chance (increases with level) some enemy heroes are hidden ( tank unit as leader is always visible ( harder to set up offense) - Barricade level is countered by your watch tower level . Basically, you will know their team power but not always what awaits you on other side, when raiding offensively.

Your comments are appreacitated :slight_smile:

Food/ iron conversion:

Tavern thread (not quite the same as your suggestion but similar):

Alter of the gods:
Essentially just the hero academy which is confirmed to be coming to the game.

Old request thread: Hero Academy - Heroes Generator

Arena idea is similar in request to this thread:


Thank you for links provided!

I am happy for hero academy feature to be getting into game.

As for other suggestions, I find mine to be quite different even if they share a similar name or one smaller feature.

Your Kennel idea is unique, that’s some interesting thinking :thinking: