PART 1: Two additions based around new mechanics - INJURY system and PRISON system

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my first post :slight_smile:

Below are some aditions to the town, to make it more lively, more to-do and gets more heroes involved ( PLEASE CHECK NEXT POSTS to get bigger picture of all aditions)

When thinking about ideas, dont put emphasis on NUMBERS (beacuse its impossible to just set them correctly like that - focus on the idea)

INJURY& PRISON sistem - what for?

  1. makes everyone use more heroes, not just their best lineup and try to strategize around it
  2. adds a bit of unpredictablity and extra level in depth of game understanding and being a good war commander
  3. extra versatility for map lvls, raids, wars, titans
  4. extra usage of current buildings and new ones in town
  5. adds extra value to having more than one hero of same kind while also give certain restrictions
  6. more interactions ( also with classes)


Features :

  • upon being knocked down (during map lvls, titans, raids), there is a high chance, your hero will sustian an injury in battle. It prevents him to be used for the next 4-48 hrs (depending on significance of injury).

  • Battered : 25% till finish of healing proces, you can already pull hero to combat, but he will have 75% HP at the start of combat

  • having a paladin, cleric, druid or monk) in party or medical tent (new passive item to build - gets destroyed whenever there isnt healer in party and one of heroes sustained injury ) decreases slightly chance of injuries and reduces chances of bigger injury. Maximum number of sustained injuries is 2 per party of 5.

Defense team cant sustain injuries/ or get captured (for obvious reasons of being logged off)

When defending (raids), there is a chance, that some heroes not defending might get captured - unequipped // in their free time…

Stronghold has option to hide heroes from possible raids ( they cant get captured). Higher level of stronghold, more heroes and higher lvls of heroes can be sustained there ( every stronghold lvl for 1 hero, lvl 5 hero costs 2 lvls .

New building - Hospital : (at lvl 8)
a)Heals injured heroes, decreasing time of recovery / higher lvl, faster recovery and can accept more heroes
b) produces medical tents

Introductory of the injury sistem :

Beginner players have extreme shield until STRONGHOLD lvl 8 (no possible captures during defense raids, alot lesser chances of sustaining injuries/captures during offensive raids, titans, wars

Advanced players have hard shield until STRONGHOLD lvl 12 ( a lot lesser chances of captures during defense raids, lesser chances of sustaining injuries during offensive raids, titans, wars)

Intermediate players have soft shield until STRONGHOLD lvl 16 ( lesser chances of injuries during defense raids, lesser chances of sustaining injuries during offensive raids, no extra protection vs titans, wars)

  • having heroes of same kinds ( for example : 3x Joon) :
    a) Prevention of having two JOONS (same hero) in a party of 5 (not currently)
    b) having same hero in your rooster gives you option to use him more times in war (like it is now), but in case of this hero getting knocked down (if he sustains injury), you cant use him and other Joons until end of war. This changes makes multiple Joons (same heroes) count as 1 hero, but having more same heroes gives him more stamina basically for war purposes.

Sustaining injuries from map lvls or titan, you can heal heroes instantly with GEMS // but not from raids, wars…


  • New building : PRISON CELLS (bellow is a chart how many heroes can one player loose, but you can take more prisoners from different players)
    a) holds prisoners
    b) higher lvls increase capacity of prisoners
    c) higher lvls of prison increase ransom prices of you earning for prisoner

  • Loosing a defensive raid or offensive raid gives enemy a chance to capture one of your heroes (not from defensive lineup), but in case of ofensive raid one from offensive lineup for maximum of 24 hours.

  • Rogues and rangers talents have increased chance of capturing heroes if in party

  • You can pay ransom of getting hero back instantly (in 4 hours to give more penalty to it) or recieve ransom from enemy (iron+ food or player option of some battle items+ ingredients - predetermined)

OPTINAL : (revenge) attack a stronghold that holds your hero (to free him)) . But in case of imprisoned heroes, enemy defense has extra boost (healing aid or arrows or attack boost), beacuse they are more alert.

  • maximum numbers of caught/ lost heroes (per player) are :

a) STRONGHOLD lvl 5 (1)
b) STRONGHOLD lvl 10 (2)
c) STRONGHOLD lvl 15 (3)
d) STRONGHOLD lvl 20 (4)
e) each stronghold lvl after 20 + 1 more

I am happy to hear your thoughts about my suggestions. ALOT more to come :slight_smile:

Welcome @Cerevan_the_Omni :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you check the thread title… Should it read ‘two additions’?


you are free to edit it correctly. Thank you for recognizing my post and hopefully, ideas gets some recognition.

best regards,

V sob., 21. mar. 2020 19:09 je oseba JB via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum napisala:

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There could be a daily weak element in a recurring order. All colors could be strong agsinst it for one day, so that you will likely change your def, if you have it as tank.

Maybe it would be nice then, if the def could be scheduled. Maybe it would bring some variety into the actually very static raid def set ups.

It also would make the players spreading emblems a little more.

Oh boy, you’re so far away from the shore, get back before sharks can get you :slight_smile:

So, you have came up with idea to punish all of the players with short bench, not the top ones who have more than fully 100 ascended heros.

I have much better idea which will not take so much devs time to implement. And it will punish only the best, creating so much rotation, versatility and mostly diversity you can’t even imagine.

Once a day every top 10,000 player in the ranking has a 50% chance of meeting an assassin which will kill of permanently their best 5* hero. Are you in?

I understand your concern Mirko, thanks for reply.

To help players with short benches, they can easier station better heroes in stronghold for safety, while leaving only fodder cannon outside. Players with big benches cant do that (not enough space in stronghold).

Another thing to help short bench players is capture/injury shield that prevents low strongholds to be butchered.

Ofc, its next to impossible to balance idea on first try.

Did you like idea in general? :slight_smile:


defensive raid setup could already suffer from war or offensive raids, beacuse there, heroes can get injured, and you have to rebuild defensive team… Unless you are keeping defensive team intact and using other heroes for raids… but that goes down to tactics and micro management :wink:

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In general, if your idea was implemented it would led to a 20-50% drop in number of daily players, just because it will make their teams miserable and not playable. Your idea would be only viable when there will be no WE or other flags.

It is one of most harmful ideas I saw recently.

You sure?

d) STRONGHOLD lvl 20 (4) // means you can get max 4 heroes captured … and potentialy your best heroes are staying safely inside castle.

And you can pull those captured heroes out with resourses or revenge offensive raid.

It doesnt seem potentially big harm to me. Can you elaborate please why would there be 20- 50% drop of players?

Injuries can be lessened, healed or avoided (loot tickets). Worst case scenario, with working hospital, you are getting players back in less than 24 hours if they sustaining really hard injures.

It would also promote usage of more potions to prevent some deaths…

Ummm…I don’t fully understand what all this means but I’m gonna go with nope. I need my heroes especially during wars and with titans. And in all honestly something like this would probably make me quit playing the game, just doesnt sound fun or beneficial to me.

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I don’t know how to down vote. So here is mine. :-1:
As a near end game player even i will have some trouble with this system, specially the raid one. I can’t imagine how newer players can handle that.
Some gameplay implementation would be nice but with limited hero and AM, your idea is basically a reason to quit.

Thank you for all the replies… On to the next one :slight_smile:

Might be, that the idea/ system is too harsh.

Extra 50 heroes to add variety would also help with these feature…

Idea might get reinvented later to be more friendly.

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