Parh of valor war

My path of valor war hits was not given to me and it was skipped. It was also moved to the next level as if it gave me the points. Please double check your settings.

If you are sure you didn’t get what you should have you need to file a support ticket:

The forum is mostly for community support.

If you would like to post screenshots of your path of valor screen we could count it out to see if you got the points or not.

PS - welcome to the forum. It is a wonderful resource for all info on the game.

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It shouldn’t level up without hitting the complete button.

At times it does it, I think it happens when you surpass the tier instead of hitting it exactly

Keeps taking me here when I try to go to support.

Try this

Running to grab lunch, will try to look at this when I get back to my computer

If you’ve used all your war flags since PoV started, then your box is exactly where it’s supposed to be. I havent missed any flags and this is mine:

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I think the concern is total points

All dailies fulfilled so far.

Your amount of points is right.
You missed some tournament attacks in comparison to mine.

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