Papyros S5 hero missing skill {Buff Request}

Papyros seems have a problem with his special abilities. He does not do any direct damage- ZERO. His minions will trigger only a meager less than 100 damage per turn- totally cleansable. The minion health is so low that they wont last much more than a 3 tile hit if that. And the defense buff is only 30%. Something is clearly missing from this hero.

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That’s what the card says.
That’s what you get.


Yup. He’s the worst hero to be introduced since salmon Loki


His name is practically papyrus which can be used to make paper.


Not 5* worthy imo. Terrible in need of an urgent buff.


What was the reaction and feeeback in beta testing?

Happy gaming

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Buff then immediate nerf. :laughing:

SG ignored the feedbacks for Papyros and Khafre
For Papyros the feedbacks was he must be fast and his minions must have more HP
For Khafre was- he must be average and his EDD must be applied to all adjacent
But they ignored this and decided to release them in this form, and 2 days after the release of this heros we already have trades for them to be buffed.


Sad to read but as previous heroes then…

If he had like 200% damage to all his speed would be fine. Or more % but hitting 3… That would not be game changing or OP- but viable in todays meta. His damage is so pathetic as is even at fast I wouldnt level him. Maybe VF??? He needs damage period.

Everything from this will help but you are missing that they ignored our suggestions.

SGG : How can players know he suck if they haven’t pull him? When enough players pulled him, we buff him and even more players will pull for him. Don’t beta testers go to business school?

When they listen to us they take out strong but not OP heros (like Elizabeth, Hannah), they are strong but not OP and still make money for SG when they are featured, when they don’t listen they are releasing heroes like Papyros and Khafre.

Agreed, they need to at least need to put him doing 150% damage to all enemies

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Or make the sand damage stick no matter what

Need to buf him. Bigg buff

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He sucks… And I have 2 of mummy man. WTF



He appears to be merely a paper champion…


I have tried to get the Org chart for SGG. Apart from the front man in the news, unsuccessful.

Try writing in to CS. Sorry, Buddy. I do feel for you.